Exception when r.DistanceFieldGI is enabled.

Enabling DFGI on 4.15 causes an unprompted crash after all mesh distance fields are generated and all shaders are compiled.

I downloaded and built the source for the engine with visual studio, and I’ve found that the exception occurs on line 370 in \UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Renderer\Private\ConvertToUniformMesh.cpp.

You can reproduce this by

  1. Launching the editor with r.DistanceFieldGI = 1 in consolevariables.ini
  2. Enabling ‘Generate Mesh Distance Fields’ in project settings.

After distance fields are generated, the editor should crash.

Here is a screenshot of visual studio showing the exception.

As a heads up, Distance Field GI is no longer a supported feature in UE4 and should not be used. Still, it shouldn’t crash, and one of the support staff will test and report if they can reproduce.

Hey Meatl0ckr,

We tested this on the release branch and didn’t have any issues following your steps provided. Would you mind clarifying what branch you are working out of (4.15 or Release). If you are on 4.15 branch what commit did you download/clone from?

Aside from that if you are working out of 4.15 I would recommend using release branch for your projects as 4.15 could potentially be more unstable.