Everything in the Unreal Editor viewport is glowing green

I’m using a slightly modified 3rd person template however I have made no modifications to the lighting. On 3 PCs my project is fine, but on one particular laptop everything in the viewport is glowing a very bright green. When I open the project the lighting is perfectly fine for a split second, then it all turns green

Running W10 x64, i5-2410M, 4GB RAM

Hello LAK132,

The minimum requirements for running and developing with UE4 is 8GB of RAM. This is the cause of your green screen.

None of the PCs I’ve been running this on have had any more than 2GB VRAM, do you mean RAM?

Also the screen isn’t green, objects in the scene are just glowing green. Under further inspection it appears to only be BSPs

Yes, and answer has been adjusted accordingly. What is the graphics card you are running and is it up to date? Have you tried setting your sky light intensity to 0 if you have one in your scene?

My laptop does not have a graphics card, I’m running off of the Intel HD 3000 graphics. This may well end up being a Windows compatibility issue (W10 doesn’t support 2nd gen Intel cores)

Turning the sky light intensity to 0 did seem to resolve the problem however.