Every levels are transparent

Hi everyone I have a huge problem here. Every levels I created I can’t use them anymore because everything is transparent. I only see the skysphere but all the objects are in the details pannel that’s strange. I can select them but can’t move them. Also the only object I can see are see throught. Also the blueprint actor icon looks flat on the viewport I don’t know why.

When I switch to top view or any othogonal view I can see well. What is really strange is that if I create a new project it’s fine and works well.
I don’t know what happened I saved my project yesterday and open it today like I do every day.
Can you help me ?

Looks like you Turned on some show Flags by accident? In your Viewport click on the “Show” Button and than “Use Defaults”. Aside from that maybe Cull Distance Volumes of any sort misplaced/configured? I got no Clue why it would work on none Perspective Views. Does it work if you change to Game View (Keybord shortcut “G”) or if you close down the Cinematic Viewport?

I have the same issue . Did you guys have solution ?

I found it , it’s clipping issue.

Yes it is a clipping issue, just changed it to be something like 1 (0 bugs everything), and then reload the editor, everything should be fine after that.