Event on hit for Skeletal Mesh while simulating physics?

Hey guys. I’m using the FirstPerson Template’s gun and trying to use the mannequin (SKELETAL MESH) as bullets. My plan is to shoot the mannequin as a ragdoll and use the “event hit”. But my problem is, if the skeletal mesh has the “Simulate Physics” disabled I can get the hits from collisions but no ragdoll, just as if static. And whenever I enable the “Simulate Physics” on the skeletal mesh, I get the ragdoll effect that I want but it stops detecting hits and collisions. I THINK the collisions are working properly, but I can’t get on hit events for the ragdoll. What might be the problem?

i guess the Skeletal Mesh has not capsula, sphere or box trigger…
so there is nothing to overlap with?

Thanks for the reply, but I think I got it. I was checking Simulate Generate On Hit Events only in the SKmesh on the Blueprint, but after I select all the collision capsules on my Skmesh it’s working.

Make sure you checked “Generate Hit Events” not only in the skeletal mesh component, but also on the individual bodies in the skel mesh’s PhysicsAsset.