Event Hit - velocity before hit


I have a little problem, i would like to get the velocity of my character on the hit event, but the only velocity that i have, it’s the velocity after the collision.
Do you know if it’s possible to get the velocity just before the calculation of the collision?


Hey bibiGN-

The best solution would be to add a collision component that is slightly larger than the mesh and set an overlap event to trigger when it’s overlapped. You can then get the velocity during the overlap event which will be immediately followed with the hit event.


Hey ,

Thanks for your answer, i had already seen something like that. But I don’t really like this method, because it’s a little weird to do that just for get the state before the collision, so maybe be you know an other solution.


I once implemented fall damage by simply getting the velocity inside the hit event and it worked fine.

You can try AdamBors suggestion of getting the actor velocity at the time of the hit.

this does Not work for me, it’s giving the velocity after hit