Even hit not working unless simulate phyiscs is enabled

I’m not sure if i have missed something somewhere but i can’t seem to use event hit to detect hits with objects which don’t have simulate physics turned on. I have checked out the documentation for event hit and i can’t seem to find anything about why this might be happening it doesn’t say anything about simulate physics needing to be turned on. Both objects have the simulation generates hit events enabled and both objects are set to block all in the collision preset.

Is there anything i might have done wrong or missed out which i need in order to do this, or an alternative to event hit.

I have an object which i am moving without simulate physics, and i need to check when it hits a static object such as a wall or a floor.

Same here. Can’t understand what i’m doing wrong.

Same here. Please help

Same again!

Hi, here someone try to help me with it.

I have a similar problem for a camera component with a collision component (free moving top down camera).
I can get overlap events whether my collision component is child or parent of the “default” root component.
But i can only get hit events if “Simulate Physics” is enabled.

When my collision component is root, the camera will follow the collision component, but i don’t know how to disable any negative velocity so that it just blocks/sticks at the blocking volume.