ES3.1 preview vs ingame - Oculus Go

Hello! I’m currently developing my app for Oculus Go, but I have troubles on the different results I get between ES3.1 computer preview and in game visual.
Computer ES3.1 preview has much more contrast than the real render…
note that mobile HDR is enabled but I’m currently using only bloom and mobile tone mapper
Can you please help me?

I’m building something on the Quest so I did a quick comparison and found a similar situation. Attached is the scene in regular editor gamma/colors and what it looks like when I click the ES3.1 preview button located at the top of the editor window (or ES2 if that’s your speed)

Very different brightness indeed. Not sure why that it but at least Unreal has a preview option to help you navigate the difference. Doesn’t answer your question so much as confirm I see something different on the device as well.

I have encountered the same problem. Is there a solution? I packed it into Oculus quest