Error: Package Native Shader Library failed for Android_ETC1

Hello, Im getting this error while I try to compile my game for Android ETC 1 but this also happens with the other types of Android compilation.
This wasnt happening on 4.16 so I fuond this very strange.

What can be done? Thanks in advance.

Hello Fernando5567,

Can you provide the full log file from the failed packaging attempt? You can find the log files in the project directory under Saved / Logs.

Hello! Here they are:

link text

Thank you for the log files. Does this happen with one particular project or any project that you attempt to package to Android with in 4.17? I notice that there is a warning pertaining to Rama’s Victory Plugin as well; Could you try disabling any third party plugins as well, just to see if they could be causing the issue, albeit unlikely in this case?

Hi. This happened to me too in 4.17.1 (“Package Native Shader Library failed for Android_ETC2.”, I didnt try the others) when I had checked Project Settings → Platforms → Android → Shared Material Shared Code and Shared Material Native Libraries. When I uncheck these two, everything works fine. I dont have any 3rd plugins.

This problem is happening to me too. Also framerate of my project is very unstable in 4.17! 4.16 had smoother performance.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for the information related to this crash. I’ve entered a bug report for the issue and you can find that here: UE-49105. In the meantime, the only workaround I can suggest is to disable “Shared Material Native Libraries” as it seems to be the only problem related to this particular crash. You also have the option of continuing to use 4.16 as this seems to be a regression that began in 4.17.

It ahppens to me compiling for WindowsNoEditor, also.

That’s correct, RVillani. The issue is that “Shared Material Native Libraries” is only for platforms with Metal. The fix will likely be to simply ignore this flag on platforms that do not support Metal but, at the moment, having it enabled will cause packaging to fail.