Error "lighting needs to be rebuilt"

I am a begginer UE4 programmer, learning from tutorials and i’ve reached a section which tells me to put a chair and add a component but when i try to it says “lighting needs to be rebuilt (3 unbuilt object(s))” ‘DisableAllScreenMessages’ to suppress.
I have no idea what that means, please give me a hand here

Click “Build” in the toolbar at the top of the main editor window.

When you move static objects in the world, the static lighting is no longer valid so it needs to be recomputed. Any time you change your level in that way, it will want to be rebuilt. But don’t worry about rebuilding all the time. It won’t hurt your game, it will only show that message (unless you disable it) and the shadows in the world will be inaccurate. Sometimes you don’t care about that so you don’t need to rebuild.

What?! It’s never been disabled for me. There is a down-arrow to the right of the build button. Can you select that? Can you select “Build lighting only”?

the build button is locked i cant even press it

The only relevant button i see is “Build and Submit”

The button you are talking about is blocked too

Maybe I’m missing lighting objects that should be included?

Create a new project from a template, like Third Person Blueprint. See if you can click build in that.

That’s good. Now we just need to understand why it wouldn’t be available in your main project. I don’t have any ideas offhand. Is static lighting enabled in your project settings? Do you have a light source set up correctly? Worst case, maybe you should build a new level in your project and copy the lighting and any other basic parts from the project that works.

There i can press Build

Nevermind, I closed the project, opened it up again and it just worked…
When you learn cyber as a major in high school you need to get familiar with these stupid UNREAL errors. Thank you for your help