Error HillTree_02 Object has overlapping UVs

Getting Lighting results Error on HillTree_02 and Scree_001_A from the Open World Demo.

In the Mesh Editor I noticed that both of these Meshes are missing the Source File in the Import Setting on the Details tab.

They seem to be the only meshes that don’t have this source file and the only ones throwing this error after building the lighting. Is this the reason for the error? How do I fix this?

I am very new to UE4 so be easy on me.

Thanks Mike

You are having this alert about the UV, because the Tree is set as static mesh, modify it to movable and build again, the problem will stop, also you might get a better shadow quality!

Good luck!


Thanks for the quick reply. I actually know where that button is!
I will give it a try and post results.

It worked.

Thank you very much.


Hello Ufalufa

Ok, good to know that! Please mark this question as resolved.

See you.