Erase grass from roads

I download Meadow_Eviroment_Set asset open world, and there is road, how autor remove grass (foliage) from this road? I find “road material” but cant find any function that remove grass from splines (landscape). One more question how remove grass(foliage) from inside cube when i drop to ground?

i don’t know if this is what you’re looking for… in foliage press ‘shift’ to erase foliage from landscape… for the cube set the collision (in details) to ‘block all’

I know about shift erase but there is two trace by tires between them is grass so i think it hard be precisely erase grass using only mouse

correct… foliage is determined by the vertex in the tessellation of the landscape… you have a few options, increase the tessellation by resampling the landscape… or you can erase the foliage in question, then place the meshes in by hand, which will give you more control on the edges…

Were I find this options?This teselation you write is somewere in “Road Material Landscape Splite” or Landscape Layers?

Hi, in the project you’re mentioning they used the foliage tool to manually place the grass.

Only if you use the landscape grass node, and in that project the foliage was painted via the foliage painter, so they each have a unique transform saved with them and therefore you can place them as exactly as you want =)

You could increase the resolution of your landscape by reducing its x and y scale. But I would be careful doing this, since it will come with a performance impact and will have no use in your case, since they did not use the landscape grass.

I assume you mean dynamically during runtime, if you meant during level creation, so static, then you would remove it inside the editor.

If you want to implement something like this, then the solution is highly depending on what you want. You could look into runtime virtual texture or rendertarget if you use landscape grass, and if you placed it via the foliage painter then you could access the grass ISMC to identify the grass instances under the cube.

Also if you only want to hide it, then a material parameter collection might be enough to specify where you want to hide it, and the hiding would then happen inside the material.

Ok thank your help