EQS won't trace to object when origin intersecting ground

Hi, I’m having a small issue with a quirk of the trace test in the EQS in Unreal Engine 4. I would like to use an EQS trace to see if an AI has an actor blueprint in it’s line of sight. Due to the way I make my blueprints, the parent is a static mesh and the origin is at x0 y0 z0 at the very bottom of the mesh. Apparently this causes the origin of my blueprint to always hit the ground in my game world and as a result the EQS trace detects that the actor is blocked and the trace ends up failing. Is there any way to make the trace target a point other than the origin of my actor, or is there a better way that I could be setting up my blueprints other than having the static mesh as the root?

I’d prefer to be able to redefine the part the EQS is attempting a linetrace to if possible as I have a bunch of systems in my project already that I’m going to have to go back and rework if I can’t manage that.