EPIC, Please pay attention to reflection and GI issues!

Is this the best reflection result we can get in UE5? The first one is Lumen, reflection gets correct GI bounce, but the reflection quality is sooo horrible, no matter how I adjust. The second one is from RayTracing, my 3080ti can’t track emissive bounce in UE5, so what’s the point of investing in Nvidia’s graphics cards?
I would say, if gives me the option of RayTracing, then provide me with full lighting support, please put my expensive graphics card to use. RayTracing has been like a half-finished product for so long in UE, Amazon’s Open3DEngine is even better than UE5 at this point, and of course I know about point lights, but are we still going to put a point light on top of objects in 2022?
For any world, the basic elements are always GI, lights, diffuse reflection and reflections, for god’s sake pls make sure they look physically correct before crazy tweaks. Anyway, the console was too cumbersome and hid a lot of commands that looked useful, I’m pretty sure they could display in post process volume and controls easily with sliders.

these two real-time GI is much better than Lumen in EA, UE4’s SSGI is even worse, time is running out, please solve all problems in the official version asap.

SDFGI by GoDot

SOVGI by Amazon

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You might not have things set up properly to get the best results, but also Lumen does have an issue with interiors which is something they are aware of. And all realtime GI solutions have their downsides

You know Lumen uses SDF based GI, right??? Layered with SSGI and larger scale GI for better performance and less artifacts.

Hi, I have 3 years of UE4 experience and have learned a lot about how to set up UE5, I’m pretty sure I got the best setup I can.

The only thing I can be sure of is that Lumen has huge issues with reflections, light bounces from GI are working fine for me so far, the problem is reflections, do you have any specific way to make reflections better?