Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

Team name: JK5000
Game title: Run blind Gints run
Team members: JK5000
Did you make all the asset: Yes

I am a total armatur, that loves making small wierd games. The game I made for this jam is perhaps the less wierd game I have made, and I don’t now if this is good. I love making the game, and thats what is importen for me.

Hope you will try my game.

My game has now been through a beauty salon. If you want to try the new and more beautiful edition of my game, so you can find it here.
Team of One-Logan Henderson @LogansLevel
Title-On Your Shoulders
Made the models and art assets. Didn’t create audio. (bfxr and youtube audio library)
First game I’ve made since switching from Unity. All blueprints, no code.


Team Name:Haters

List of team members:


Did you make all your own assets? yes

Space - Jump
ESC - Exit

-fixed Level change
-improved performance


A quick fix for the lighting: Dropbox - Error

Team name: BroForce
List of team members:
Sandro Bachsoliani (Level Design, Effects)
Nick Bachsoliani (Coding, AI, animations)

Project Name: On the shoulder of a Giant
All original assets (no) - Mostly assets from Infinity Blade, some custom animations; sounds are free under the Creative Commons 0 License.

So this is it - our first submission to the Game Jam. Since we are completely new to game development, this also is our first game ever, if it can be considered as such :slight_smile:
We hope you have some fun - we definitely had!

Background Story:
Cardboard man is trapped deep down in a dungeon. Clever as he is, he hitches a ride on the shoulders of a frost giant - his best bet to find a way out!

Link to a download of your game:
Team name: The Team Formerly Known As Sol Survivors Feat. Lil’ Jaxy
List of team members: Michael Aldrich, Lucas Brown, Alena Roberts, Jackson Miller (Lil’ Jaxy)
Name of your submission: Dev Up!
Did you make all your own assets? Yes, even voice over. Few exceptions are minor sound effects and music (royalty free).

Here’s a short gameplay video!

Humphrey Bogus and the Unveiling of the Veil

Download Link:

Team Name: SMU Guildhall
Project Name: Humphrey Bogus and the Unveiling of the Veil
Team Members:
Jon Clark - Producer/Designer
Jason Leary - Designer
Taylor Smith - Artist
Matt Worrell - Producer/Designer
Trevor Youngblood - Programmer

Art Assets:
All art assets and sounds were made by the team except for a few Unreal 4 example materials, the credited controller icons by Xelu, and Old Blank Journal by goRillA-iNK


“Scheming Weasel (slower version)” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Description: Solve the mystery of the Veil as the amateur detective, Humphrey Bogus! Find clues and make deductions using your journal, and complete the work of the genius inventors who preceded you. Rescue your predecessors from the beyond, but watch out for the ghost Schrodinger!

Xbox Controls: A - interact/hide, Y - Open Journal, RB/LB - Turn Journal Page, Start - Pause
PC Controls: Space - interact/hide, Enter - Open Journal, Esc - Pause, WASD or Arrows - Movement


Link to a download of your game:
Team name: Madley
List of team members: Efrye
Name of your submission: Experience
Did you make all your own assets? No, I used royalty free music and sounds, everything else is made by me.

Phew, so that was fun. Exhausting, but fun.
It took me awhile to come up with something to matches the theme, especially since I’m more of a narrative person. On top of that, this was my first game jam, so I had no idea how much content I can handle (or many hours I can put without falling asleep at work :smiley: ). Turns out I can’t handle all that much, but at least in the next jam I should have a better feeling for what I can do!

As per usual in game development, I had to cut a lot of stuff from my initial concept, but hopefully the main idea still comes across well. I won’t bore you with a description in any case, especially since reading it would probably take more time than simply playing it anyway.

Looking forward to play everyone’s submission!

Edit: Forgot to mention, gamepad controls only!

Game Link :
Team Name : IgneousInteractive
Team Members : Ormanator, Skulburn
Name of Submission : IgneousInteractive_Cultivar
All original assets? : All but audio

Select the white plot to start. Then build a farm on that by clicking on the tile. Click Hay Bales to increase earnings.

The more money you earn the more you can buy. Most flat plots cost 200 whilst water is 300 and hills 1000. You need to buy a wind farm license to build power industry tiles.

WASD will move the camera and clicking and dragging right mouse button will rotate the camera. Scroll to zoom.

The theme was interpreted as me trying something that other giants of games had done so well before like GODUS & SimCity. Thanks to Magic sword for their awesome music!

Ormanator: Everything apart from the mine model
Skulburn: Mine model

Team: Digital Hussars
Team Members: zlug, m.orzelek, _EF, szyszek, elod

Game name: (R)evolution Jumpers

**Controls: **

Keyboard: A / D or left right arrow to move
W / Spacebar to jump
LMB to open portal to another dimansion
RMB interact
ESC pause menu

Left stick to move
A to jump
B to open portal to another dimansion
Y Interact
Start pause menu

Did you make all your asstets: No (Infinity Blade Grass Lands, Pirate Island, music from

Description: REvolition Jumpers is a game where you must sacrifice one generation so next one can proceed in the world full of puzzles and deadly traps. Complete each level by reaching and putting togheter broken crystal. Just remember… always think about the future generation!

NOTE: please be careful with the volume level during game start! Thats a bug where all sounds are played at once on each level begin event!.


Gameplay video:

Allar’s playthrough:

Link to a download of your game:
Team name: Cool With A K
List of team members: Marvin Cooper (s1peed23)
Name of your submission: CoolWithAK_GetToTheShoulda!
Did you make all the assets?: No, borrowed sprites from the “Creating a 2D SideScroller” Tutorials.

Muerte a Secuestradores
Marcus R. Brown @igetgames](, Justin Walsh @thejustinwalsh](, Jeremy Johnston
No (We made everything except the font)

M’LAZ3R is a game built upon the shoulders of giants. Arcade style shooter and casual match-3 clash in a mix of old and new.
With each wave, enemies appear faster and in more difficult patterns…
Simultaneously, your M’Laz3r (Multi-Layer Atomization Zapper, 3rd Revision) begins to charge…
If ever the enemies become too overbearing, then let M’LAZ3R loose! You’ll freeze time and send your enemies into the M-Dimension, where you can match your enemies with the colored blocks to destroy them.

Currently, we do have the two styles of gameplay implemented, but they are not fully integrated with one another. Firing M’LAZ3R will start the match 3 minigame but will not pull in the correct enemies or destroy them.

Midnight Mall Race

Link to game:
Note - 4 PLAYER ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME with 4 player local coop support also.** Make sure you open port 7777 if you host.

Team name: Sleepless Meatbags V2.0

List of Team members:

Paulius “Slapunas” Rumsa -
Luis “Kukobar” Jimenez -
Jacqueline “Jakayaki” King -
Michal Milkowski -

Did you make all your own assets? No.

We made everything but music which is credited in game and listed below. Also, the sleepless meatbags logo was made 1 day before the jam but sneakily included somewhere.

Rocket Apple Pie - The Midget and the Titan

Link to download:
Team name: Rocket Apple Pie
List of team members: Adam “Nox_A15” Dębski, Bartłomiej “Don Sotto” Mycyk, Hubert “Serfer” Wiśniewski, Zofia Domaradzka
**Name of your submission: **RocketApplePie_TheMidgetAndTheTitan
Did you make all your own assets? Yes, we only used default sky sphere and some textures from

You are a lonely keeper of Light Emitter - TITAN No. 3002, somewhere in a distant space, where many dangers await for spacecrafts daring to fly through this dark void above. One day incoming fleet is sure about safe passage near your Station, but little do they know about its malfunction. Being their only hope, you grab your trusty jetpack and set off to avert the imminent tragedy. As little and insignificant as you may be compared to the TITAN, will you be able to prove your worth?

Edit (2015-10-15):
I don’t want to touch our package because the jam already ended, so I will just inform that in the game files our project is called “EpicMegaJam2015” and zip file on Dropbox is called “Epic MegaJam - The Midget and the Titan”. Sorry if that will cause any problems with organization of the projects.

Edit (2015-10-17):
Our screenshots disappeared today from the forum, so we changed a host for them (they are now in full HD) and the packaged game (the old link should still work for some time). We used that opportunity to name files accordingly. We also updated information about our assets with a bit more detail and prepared a description of our game.

Have fun everyone! :slight_smile:

6 minutes left aww yayuhhh

Team Name: RennAndHisFriends
Population: 1…
Game Name: Scavengers

Name: Renn Janik Farnell

Content: I made all the code, particles, and ui myself (and used ue assets for the character mesh and animations)


Team Name : Emerald Club

List of Team members :
Devlin Willis (korkuveren)
Lance Seme (markdey)
Eric Swakon

Name of submission : EmeraldClub_Espionage


Download Link: UPDATE 4:10 PM
Old Version (Original Submission)

Bugs in Old version (fixed in new):
Level 3 (CD Level) has no win state.
Sometimes drawers won’t open. Try rotating the camera.
Thumbdrives can’t be obtained if inside a filing cabinet (not always in this location)

Did you make all your own assets : No, as music is royalty free, and character animations are from Mixamo. Anything else was made during the jam.
Description: You are a new office worker, but don’t want to work the rest of your life for a pittance. You are tasked with advancing your career with the unwitting help of coworkers around you. Obviously, getting seen ‘taking shortcuts’ will be very bad for you.

Lance Seme - 3d Artist/Level Design
Made the models, animations, and textures within the game jam time-frame.
Software used: Modo, Substance Painter, PS

Eric Swakon - 2d Artist
Made the hud images during the last 24 hrs.

Devlin Willis - Blueprint Wizard
Made all the functionality for the game within BP during the jam. Might have helped with music/sound or HUD.
Software used: Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, Audacity.

Sources for music:
Spy Glass
Danger Storm
Private Eye
Hidden Agenda

Logo rights
We got permission from the foundry to use their logos for the game jam.(Greg Brown)
We ran this by UnrealAlexander (Alexander Paschall) just to be sure.

The Earitable Giant

Game Page:

Team Name: 2Bit Studios
Team Members: Luke Bermingham, Andrew Joy, Matthew Joy, Nicholas Pace
Submission Name: 2BitStudios_TheEaritableGiant
All original assets: Yes. All art assets, code and sound was made by us during the jam.

Description: You are from a village that rests on the shoulder of a giant. One day the village notices that the giant seems to be having unexplained problems with its ear. The village decides to send you, the elderly candlemaker, to investigate as you are the most familiar with wax caves. You must find whats within the giants ear to save your village.



**Dropbox - File Deleted

Team name: *Buttermilk Lab
List of team members

*Bryant Nyonatan
Nicodemus Eka
Jonathan Kurniawan
Name of your submission
Did you make all your own assets?
*No. Music was made by Auditory Cheesecake (Auditory Cheesecake | Free Listening on SoundCloud)

< Currently uploading

**Link to game! **Dropbox - Error (Monster Stories)

Team Laser Explosion:
List of team members:
Line Bering (Artist)
Anne-Mette W. Andersen (Artist)
Cameron Angus (Programmer)
Tobias Nöthlich (Programmer


All Original Assets -** Yes** (except for 1 used font)

“Monster Stories gives the player control of a monster who learn new skills as he advance through the level by picking up powerups. The life-span of the monster is short, and it ages while you play, so when he dies a new monster takes over his skills to venture further into the world to learn new skills and talents. But you have to be quick, if you touch any of the spikey monsters or take too long, you will die without passing on your knowledge.”

Get the full Cheat-Sheet, with controls, etc. here:


Team Laser Explosion!

Mech Brawler

Link to a download: MEGA
Team: GalaxyMan
List of team members: Robbie, Justin and Martin
Name of your submission: Mech Brawler
Did you make all your own assets? Everything but music (Music is from Magic Sword)

Standing on the shoulders (In a cockpit) of a giant mech, how long can you survive the waves of enemy mechs coming to wipe you out.


WASD - Move lower body
Mouse - Rotate upper body
Left Mouse - Shoot
ESC - Pause menu
Space - Self Destruct


Vaporware Studios - Chosen Valley

Download Here!

Vaporware Studios

List of team members: nbazzeghin, JTheme

Name of your submission: VaporwareStudios_CH

Did you make all your own assets? No

We built most everything
The things we didn’t build:

How to Play:
Walk over Spear and press ‘E’ to pick it up, press ‘E’ again to drop it
Right click while holding Spear to aim
Left click to to Fire

Stopping the colossus from reaching the World Key.
Run around the landscape looking for ancient magical spears to pierce the week points of the colossus’s outer shell

No matter the cost don’t let him near that key

Our Experience with the Jam:
This was our first ever game jam as a team and we thought it went pretty well. We wanted to do something outside of our comfort zone of 2D and go for a full 3D game.
This involved us learning a lot of new things very quickly as we decided to do this on day one of the Jam. For example, JTheme was able to learn an entire ZBrush pipeline
for our art assets. This included unwrapping and retopologizing our models in ZBrush and then texturing and baking in Substance Painter. Due to having to learn entirely
new processes we got a late start getting into the real meat of game development. This caused us to complete an epic 36 straight hour marathon development session,
9.5hrs of which where live streamed on Twitch!

It would have been nice to have just one more day to really polish up the game, but we are very happy with what we were able to achieve during this Game Jam.