Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

Due to the massive size of the Epic MegaJam, instead of having you post your submission in the original thread, we’re asking you post it . This should be a easier to read through.

Submit your entry with the following information:

Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame

If you have used assets that are not your own, you may provide details about those in your post if you desire. All we require is a yes or no, but feel free to clarify.

I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice.

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This post will close on the 15th at 3PM EST: Countdown to Deadline


Link: The Purple Essence by Hevedy (Windows 7 or Better)(x32) (140MB) (Include screenshots)
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28070491/UE4_EpicMegaJam/Public/Game/Hevedy_ThePurpleEssence.zip (Windows 7 or Better)(x32) (140MB) (Include screenshots)
Team Name: Hevedy
List of Team members: Hevedy
Name of your submission: Hevedy_ThePurpleEssence
Did you make all your own assets: No. Music, Font & 2 no (Check the Credits)

*The models and the textures have been created in blender from 0 and the textures are hand painted from 0 too. The menu buttons sounds have been created with my mouth.

The Purple Essence:


Description: The Purple Essence is a game where you collect essence orbs from the giant trees to awake the giants of the magic world.



Abbas Games - Giant Selfie

GIANT SELFIE by Abbas Games
Link to game:
WIN32: http://1drv.ms/1Qq6wJ5 OR https://www.dropbox.com/s/jccbs7gi04xyabf/Win32.rar?dl=0
WIN64: http://1drv.ms/1Qq6G2X OR Dropbox - Error

Team name: Abbas Games

List of team members: Raed Abbas

Name of your submission: AbbasGames_GiantSelfie

Did you make all your own assets? no (see credits)
*Take selfie everywhere or on a perfect spot.
*Smile reading the mother’s comments.
*Get your giant to pull different faces by waiting 3 seconds between selfies.
*and more…

Giant Selfie is a family game. Our characters are a giant daughter and a tiny mother. They want to spend time together taking selfies around the world. The problem, one of them, is the nosy people (you don’t see a giant girl every day, don’t you!!?). They can take selfies anywhere they want but there are nice selfie spots planted around the world for a perfect selfie. But that’s not everything. Our giant is a bit… errr… clumsy… She bump into buildings and trees and often create a mess behind . It’s even gets worse sometimes when people get hurt badly. She tries to save them.
The game is not about winning and losing. It’s about a nice fun time taking selfies in beautiful places while not harming people, if you can, or maybe rescue them. It’s a test of skills requires speed and caring and a touch of puzzle solving.
I started the development a day after the live stream and had to git rid of my first 4 ideas (I can’t even remember them now). Using assets from Market Place (apart from the characters and music) made things easier to focus on game play and level design. I Managed to finish the game in three solid days then took the rest of the time to test it and made my family and friends test it and gave me feedback.
I like Giant Selfie so much that I actually plan to take in production sometime soon. Leave you with some screen shots and hope you’ll enjoy it.

OH , if you have time beat my records :smiley:








The photos are low quality but the actual game is not.

And 's in game video… SPOILAR ALLERT :smiley:

Journey to Mars

Link to a download: https://.google.com/file/d/0B6LjiJzFTIhbdUNBV0pjcFdfTzQ/view?usp=sharing 100MB archive (win64bit)
Team: m2uk
List of team members: Nowicki
Name of your submission: m2uk_JourneyToMars
Did you make all your own assets? yes (and I used allowed Magic Sword music tracks)



Standing on the shoulder of Neil Armstrong… or should I say Damon :wink:
Can you escape the Mars? Lets find out.
Good Luck!

KhenaB’s team
KhenaB’s team_Earth Invasion Simulator
Did you make all your own assets? No

Some notes: This is my first game jam, i heard about this jam two days before the deadline and got tempted, so is my entry after 24h of hard work, thanks to Luca Rodolfi for the free low poly house models and to Epic for this amazing engine.

Recommended: GTX 670 & above

Filesize: 454mb

Link Updated

List of team members 1 x
Name Of Submission - WarpSpasm_SeriousTim
Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no) - No

left mouse-shoot
right mouse-first person view
f-weapon selection wheel
left shift-run

Since I used nearly all marketplace, learn tab assets i guess anything I did is “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants”, I thought ill just have as much fun with this as I can since ill probably only be eligible for one of the random prizes…I had a hell of alot of fun making this though, i had to kill alot of babies as puts it to get it submitted before real life got in the way.

Relics and Ruins!



Team Name: CorruptVertices … ( I miss spelled our name when I PM you “CorrupedVertex”) sorry… :eek:

Team Members: iangoold3d, Wells

Name of submission: CorruptVertices_RelicsAndRuins!

Did we make all assets: (No) …we made everything but the character :frowning:

Jump : Space bar
Double Jump: Space bar
Summon Ruin: left click
Movement : WASD

This was our first GameJam and wow was it a blast! learned so much in such little time! we have been in crunch over at Sony Bend but we had to at least give it a shot! we were only able to put in about 10 hour each but still had an amazing time! we hope you enjoy it!



150 mb archived Windows 32bit package


Team name: Tiruu

Team members: 1

submission name: Tiruu_GiantLoot

All original assets (I made the music yes but no i used the learn tabs,free Infinity Blade: Adversaries characters and the ship is from http://archive3d.net)

Controls are just using the mouse

This was my first gamejam and it was just for fun and i learnt lots ! It took me about 3-4 days dunno how many hours i did

lost track on that one. I only just started using the unreal editor to make games for a month now !

Download Link (x64) (276 mb): https://.google.com/open?id=0B26C7qbetrhROFNoWU8yYVdMRzg

Team name: Homeless Passenger Living Under A Rock
List of team members:

  1. ThePassenger
    Name of submission: HomelessPassengerLivingUnderARock_EpicMegaJamGame
    Did you make all your own assets? Of course not :slight_smile:


  • WSAD - Move
  • Hold Left Mouse - Shoot
  • Hold Right Mouse - Aim
  • Space - Jump

Download 64-bit package (152 megs): https://.google.com/file/d/0B-LnTYSVSbQZTEZkcDhNQkExUm8/view?usp=sharing

Team: Drektopia

Team member: Drekmonger

Game: Drektopia_Mister Moustache, Esquire

Did I make all my own assets? (no)
-Many of the textures are from the Starter Content. (the rest I drew. you’ll be able to tell the difference.)
-The sound effects all come from PuzzleSFX, on the Marketplace.
-Two of the particle effects were ripped from the Infinity Blade collection. (i should have ripped more)
-The awesome Victory Fanfare comes from OpenGameArt, created by Johan Brodd. It is called “Open Surge.”
-The title screen font is Ralphie Brown, by penelopelimeATverizon.net

Trigger Warning? (yes)
There is a picture of a ghost in this game. It is saying, “Boo!” Please consider yourselves warned.

**screenshot:** http://
I was going to spend some hours today sprucing up the title screen, improving the particle effects, adding music. But you know what? It's decent like it is. I had fun building it, except for the times when I wasn't having fun building it. Having a 98% finished game at the end of it all is worth it, I think. For a one moron shop, I did prutty gud. *pats self on back*

Theme wise, the point of the game is to play with the notion of scale. Hopefully the  character will seem gnat-like in some instances, and more Mario sized in others. This will be more apparent in levels 2 and 3 -- compared to level 1, which is like a tutorial.

(I've only managed to get a Flawless Victory on Level 1, by the way. I know for certain it's technically possible to do so in levels 2 and 3, but it may require  levels of video game playing skills to pull it off!)

Newest Version:

Team: InsaneByDesign
List of team members
Jay Webb
Name of Game: vs the Zombie Giants
Did I make all the assets: No

Don Quickote and the Giant



Download link: https://.google.com/file/d/0B3uwjh5Rndl9SDRrQkp1YURoYk0/view?usp=sharing

Team name:
List of team members:
Name of your submission:
Did you make all your own assets? yes

You play as an elderly Don Quickote with a penchant for delusions, torn between dreams of chivarly and rural reality.

Help him climb the giant/windmill to prove the greatness of his!


  • A and D to circle around the tower
  • SPACE to jump
  • W and S to enter or exit the tower

Have fun!


Robot Pilot
Download: starlit_RobotPilot.zip (80 MB)
Gamepad/WASD+Mouse to move and interact/shoot, Start/Esc to open the pause menu

Team: starlit
Manuel Schmuki, Alessandro Esposito
Submission: starlit_RobotPilot

~Guide the little pilot bear around the shoulders of the giant war-robot and defend him with the on-board guns while multitasking other things such as reloading your Ammo!~

Assets: Everything was created by us except:

  • Skybox, Explosion-Particle (Standard Assets)
  • Music by O’Brien
  • Font
  • Sound Effects



Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/99282042/Ra%20The%20Game/VRBoy_Ra.rar
Team name: VRBoy
List of team members: , Lukasz Szczepankowski
Name of your submission: VRBoy_Ra
All original assets: yes

What’s it about:
You play as Horus, the son of Ra, carrying upon his shoulder the weight of the crown jewel, which you must bring over to the sacred shrine.

Gamepad controls:

  • Right thumbstick - tilt the arms of Ra
  • Left thumbstick - speed up/slow down
  • Start - Starts the game
  • Back - Exits the game

Keyboard controls:

  • Left arrow/Right arrow - tilt the arms of Ra
  • A/D - speed up/slow down
  • Spacebar - Starts the game
  • Escape - Exits the game



Link to a download of your game:

Team name:

List of team members:

Name of your submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName):

Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no)

(made a version with motion controls but had difficulty packaging with the experimental 4.9 plugin; now just keyboard/mouse or gamepad)

Glitched Link:
**Fixed Game: **
Team name: Gravity
List of team members: Wallermade (Developer/Modular Assets), MDMD (Developer), SEBSOUNdS (Sound Artist), (Artist)
Name of your submission: Gravity_Standingontheshouldersofgiants
Did you make all your own assets? yes ALL of them.

You play as a disgarded robot;

Your mission now is to escape the scrap plant and reap your revenge on your human overlords!

This game was build upon the shoulders of the giant that is unreal engine!


  • Left & Right (A/D)

  • Jump (Space)

  • Sneak (Shift)

  • Switch magnet polarity (Q)

  • Pause (Esc)

  • Audio Easter eggs
    – KillerBot K (Multiple Sounds)
    – RevengeBot R (Multiple Sounds)
    – Robok K
    – RoboRegret T (Multiple Sounds)
    – Robo Push the button Y


I am submitting this now as I have work in the morning there is a good possibility we will change the zip file before the deadline tomorrow with more levels
Have Fun…Good Luck :wink:

Team - Flying Goliath


**Team **

Name of Submission:

Did you make all of your own assets? No The music and sound fx were downloaded under CC license.

TzenkuGames - Killing Titan Saving Giants

Link: https://.dropbox.com/s/rh8z1yqkpbh6q5g/TzenkuGames_KTSG_x64.rar?dl=0
Team name: TzenkuGames
Team members: Ryner AJ
Submission: TzenkuGames_KTSG_x64
Assets: No. Mixed of UE4’s / Epic’s licensed contents, items from marketplace & CC0 audio.

  • A blueprint-only based project, which most of it are developed during the jam period.
  • Had so much fun with this project, as I never actually developed a game for PC specs, was limited to mobile specs, pretty much from the beginning.

The little blog: http://tzenku.com/category/ue4-jam/

SeeJay - ReRun

Link to Game
Team Name: SeeJay
Team Members: SeeJay
Name of Submission: SeeJay_ReRun
All Original Assets: No, Used some Starter Content

Download link(64): https://.dropbox.com/s/tfo8cmd8408y1r7/Flo_DefendTheGiant.rar?dl=0
Team name: Flo
List of team members: Neverwere(just me)
Name of your submission: Flo_DefendTheGiant
Did you make all your own assets?: No. I used template and starter content. The rest is mine.

Goal: Try to defend your giant as long as you can until you lose. Just like real life^^.

WASD: Move
Q: Drop Mine
E: Buy stuff
F: Focus
Mouse: Look around
1/2/3: Change weapon.
L Mouse: Shoot
R Mouse: Alt Fire (only on first weapon)