Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

Link to game: or:
Team name: Ocelotl
List of team members: Xiaohu & Zarahi
Name of your submission: Ocelotl_Nav-G
Did you make all your own assets?: no, used Starter Content.

One ship is never enough, help Nav-G and get rid of the virus inside a biological being.
Can you succeed and kill 1000 of them?


Link: Dropbox - GiantsOfDestruction.rar - Simplify your life
Team name: Mighty shadow
List of team members:

  • Blue man
  • Dodokoce
    Name of your submission: Mightyshadow_GiantsOfDestruction
    Did you make all your own assets:
    audio (music,sounds):no -music: (At one with the sky) ,sounds : UniversalSoundFX(Marketplace)
    textures:All models are textured by my team but we used textures from

Download Link

Team : Shrödingers Pantsu
List of team members : Just me
Name of your submission : Space Truck Simulator 2134
Did you make all your own assets? Yes (audio is borrowed from starter content)

Based on the book called “On the Shoulders of Giants”, theme is astronomy and physics

Captain Zlulliver
Name of submisson: LaKsuilleTeam_CaptainZlulliver
List of members:
Ilya Napolov(it’s me, napolinkinpark3r) - UE4 developer
Ksenia Melnikova, my girlfriend (she’s not registered at - drawing fairy
Did you make all your assets: mostly yes, but we used several textures and Guitar Pro tabs for music from Google [original music theme Corona written and recorded by The Minutemen and used in MTV’s Jackass show]

All required info about story and controls is in READMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!.txt file


Link (Windows x64):
Team name: Ogliari
List of team members: sr_ogliari
Name of your submission: Ogliari_BombsApples&Giants
Did you make all your own assets? no, the sound effects were not made by me (license below)

Other than that, all the models and animations were done by me using Blender and also MakeHuman to generate the giant.

WASD to move
Space to jump
LMB to drop bombs

Link to a download of your game: (180Mb)
Team name: Crackpot Gumption
List of team members: Jon Wainwright
Name of your submission: CrackpotGumption_EscapeTheOctagon
Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): No, Epic starter content was used as well as a number of CCO audio assets.

Escape the Octagon is a first person puzzle game where you must progress through a series of rooms before your character dies.

With each subsequent life (or generation of the player character), you can use past knowledge to dive further into the puzzles faster, eventually reaching the center podium and escaping.

Gameplay video of the first three rooms (some small spoilers, but shows you how to play)

Team Name: Lebanese Game Developers
Team members:
Joseph Azzam
Saed Rajab
Submission: LebaneseGameDevelopers_GiantBusters
All original assets: yes except for the Giant Enemy, we used just the mesh from the Infinity Blade collection, everything else from scratch.

Oscar Cooke-Abbott - Stone Shoulders


TEAM NAME: Oscar Cooke-Abbott of ‘Sky Blu Studios Inc.’

MEMBERS: Oscar Cooke-Abbott

PROJECT TITLE: Oscar Cooke-Abbott - Stone Shoulders (Submitted download link file name, title is ‘Stone Shoulders’)

ASSETS: Did not create any textures, audio recordings, nor the majority of meshes - did make ‘Titan’ mesh and landscape. Used mostly default textures or freely available ones inc. Epic example project. However did create all code, materials, particles (or altered existing ones), and ideas.

SYNOPSIS: You must battle the fallen demons of Valhalla on the shoulders of the great Titan Jörðin, surviving as long as possible in hopes to be accepted into the afterlife. Fighting against growing odds, reach the height of your skill, and then surpass it.


**32-bit (81MB): **Gloim_FlopnFail32.rar - Google Drive
**64-bit (88MB) : **Gloim_FlopnFail64.rar - Google Drive

Team: Gloim!

List of team members:

  1. gloim

Submission: Gloim_FlopnFail

Did you make all your own assets?
Yes (I wish I could blame someone else :smiley: )

Download link:
Game name: The Wizard and the Pug: Princess Rescue
Team name: Laughing Tower
Team members: Bohrium
Name of submission: LaughingTower_WizardAndPug
Did you make all your own assets: no (The grass, cobblestone, water_lake, walnut_floor textures and explosion particle effect are from starter content, everything else I made myself.)

Youtube Link:

Link to a download of your game -!12746&authkey=!AGrnj6Feqi7mA7I&ithint=file%2Czip
Team name - team name
List of team members - Shiv
Name of your submission - teamname_You+Blue
Did you make all your own assets? Yes

You are You, and You must steer blue, poor guy cant see very well and just wants to see where this ice river goes!

Ran out of time to add sounds and some juice, but here goes, had fun! I hope you do too!

LINK: paintsincode_MyAncestors.rar - Google Drive
Alternative link: Dropbox - Error
GAME NAME: My Ancestors
TEAM NAME: Paintsincode
TEAM MEMBER: Scott Dunbar
Name of submission: paintsincode_MyAncestors
All your own assets: no (I used the UE4 mannequin,and the font :smiley: )


LINK1 (updated) : Dropbox - Error
LINK2 (first upload - use if link1 fails) : Dropbox - Error

Dear Unreal developer community, I proudly present to you my first game jam entry:
Bite Sized

I know you know what its like to be a developer that gets annoyed by bugs, so now be the bug that annoys the developer.
Play as a mosquito trying to take it’s share of blood from a busy game developer working on his game jam project.
GameJamception anyone?

A little dry humor, visual irony and somewhat annoyingly difficult focus/timing gameplay await.

Most of the visual assets were sourced from starter content, content examples, as well as a few other marketplace purchases.
Some were modeled by me in Blender (mosquito, computer, mouse, keyboard, headphones, ceiling fan), and the human character was made in Mixamo Fuse.
The posters are of obvious external origin - some of my favorite artistic giants.
Sounds were taken from free audio clips; the theme song is borrowed from the film “Best of the best”.

I hope you get a kick out of my little game :slight_smile:


TEAM NAME: Team Blanco
MEMBERS: Victor Blanco(vblanco)
ORIGINAL ASSETS: Mech, animattions, and buildings. Used a few textures from the UE4 basic content.

A kinda huge creative block and also being kinda busy prevented me from working more than a few hours on this. Its really incomplete.

The game its meant for virtual reality, i made care to setup an oculus rift for it. You are in a 20 meter high mech and punch buildings, thats it.
I planned to have more stuff, but couldnt get it in time. Reccomended to play with pacific rim music or transformers music in the background :).
Only used a couple textures from the starter content, everything else its done by me, with blender for models and animation, and gimp for the one texture i quickly made.
There is really not much point on downloading it, everything you can do its on the video.
Ill probably keep working on it after the deadline to use it as portfolio piece. Videos will be able to be seen on my youtube channel.

Download: Spritehavengames_WarSuns

Team name:
Spritehaven Games

List of team members
Kevin (Shenku) Kroschel

Name of your submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)

Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no)
Aside from some starter content, and modified textures from, yes, all other assets were made by me.


A simple quasi side-scrolling shooter with an escalating difficulty for each of its 4 levels. My first participation in Epic’s GameJam, so I wasn’t sure what to make at first. So I ended up where I kinda took the theme and turned it on its head, thinking “What’s something giant? Stars are giant… Let’s make a nonsensical game where you are a star and are blowing up other stars!” Seems fun to play to me at least…

Can be played with a keyboard, but works best with a gamepad controller. (Pro-Tip: Remember to adjust your camera zoom, some enemies are very small!)

Clarification on Gameplay:
You can only fire Planetary Lasers when you are a planet (denoted by a material swap to a blue and white cloudy material), and you can only fire Solar Flares and the Super Nova ability when you are a Dwarf Star or higher/larger Star type (Obvious to know, cause you’ll be on fire).

Moons do not have an “Atmosphere” (The player’s energy source), and thus do not have Atmosphere to expend in order to fire a weapon. Instead, dodge your larger or more dangerous opponents and gather Nebula energy if you revert to Moon status until you gain enough energy to attack again.

Known bugs:
Only Left Shift works to fire Planetary Lasers/Solar Flares when using Keyboard controls, Right Shift does not work… Gamepad should function normally.

Collision does not scale properly as size is increased from increasing “Atmosphere” energy/health, making it harder to hit smaller enemies when you’re at a larger size.

Defense Laser Satalite Power-Up may sometimes auto-fire at enemy targets through the player, resulting in the player receiving damage.

Good luck to everyone on these!

The Biggest Star On Earth

Download Link #1:
Download Link #2:
Team Name: Gadan
Team Members: Gábor Dandár
Name Of Submission: Gadan_TheBiggestStarOnEarth
Did you make all your own assets: No. I used some assets from the Blueprints example project.

**Shouldering the Load
Link to game
Team name: Numbat Ninja
List of team members: Scott Owens, Joshua Baker
Name of your submission: NumbatNinja_ShoulderingTheLoad However, the packaged name is EpicMegaShoulders - Had problems packaging with a new name.
Did you make all your own assets? No

Was a great time participating in this game jam!
Wish we had more time to work on it.

In this game, giants are employed to haul cargo from village to village.
Pile the cargo on his shoulder and make sure you don’t lose it along the way.



Team Name: Hummingbird
Team Member: Mee
Submission name: Hummingbird_Discite
Did you make all your own assets: No [Everything except the “Retrogram” track from Magic Sword]

Navigate a world as Hilbert, a xeno-archeologist exploring a temple on the artificial planet created by the Deycarians. Unlock spacetime manipulation with G.I.A.N.T.S., Generational Instance Algorithm with Nanite Transmission in Spacetime. Control the fabric of time to record and replay a moment of your past in generational instances. Utilize the instances to solve puzzles created by the Deycarians to keep their last kings temple protected. Just remember to clear the memory banks to keep from ripping a hole in spacetime and creating a black hole.

You record, playback, and clear moments in time. Up to ten seconds of time per recording but unlimited total time. The goal of the game is to solve puzzles based on time manipulation.
We took a more “meaningful” approach to the theme, instead of a literal sense.

tl;dr Time traveling game where you discover enlightenment by building on your previous discoveries.

DoubleShift Project Proposal


  • WASD - Movement
  • Space - Jump / Double jump
  • Shift - Sprint
  • Left Click - Start/Stop Recording
  • Right Click - Play/Pause Playback
  • Middle Click - Clear Entire Timeline
  • F - Toggle Playback Collision and Ability to interact
  • Escape - Game / Settings / Level Menu

Team Equinox

*Download DoubleShift - 299 megabytes

TeamEquinox_DoubleShift (Game exe is named GIANTS as project was made before we had a real name, though i did try to rename the project but resulting exe was still giants.)
*Did you make all your own assets? No

*Robert Chubb
C++ Programming, Blueprint Scripting, User Interface, Material Artist, Technical Artist, Sound Design, Level Design, Game Design
Nathan Roman
Story, Character Design, Game Design, Modeling, Texturing
Mark Steeby
Texturing, Lighting, Level Design, Game Design

Tools and Programs Used

  • Bitmap2Material 2 - $$$ (Had Licence Before)
  • Blender - FREE
  • - FREE 3D Animations and AutoRigger
  • Visual Studio 2013 Community - FREE
  • Notepad++ - FREE

Assets Acquired - Epic Marketplace

  • SuperGrid - $$$ (Had Licence Before)
  • Open World Demo Collection - FREE
  • Game Textures Material Pack - FREE
  • Unreal Engine Starter Content - FREE

** Other Assets**

  • CG Textures, Texture Images - FREE
  • Toon Post Process Material - FREE
  • Font Xolonium - FREE Copyright 2011-2015 Severin Meyer <>,with Reserved Font Name Xolonium.

This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License,
Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available
with a FAQ at <>

Download Game: Dropbox - Error
Team name: DadJokeCinema
List of team members: BGefrich
Name of your submission: DadJokeCinema_Titanball
Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): No

Asset Clarification:

All other content created by me



*IN THE SHADOW OF MOUNT OLYMPUS, GODS AND TITANS BATTLE FOR THE VERY DESTINY OF THE UNIV… ok, look it’s dodgeball. It’s basically Titans playing dodgeball.

WASD to move, Space to jump. Grab the planets and hold down the left mouse button to charge a throw. Release to chuck it. Hit all six Titans to win. Get hit and lose.*

Notes: The AI gets stuck sometimes. Usually getting close to them brings them back to life. Sometimes it’s navigation. Throw things at them. They like it.
The ball you are holding can block balls from hitting you if you’re clever, or it just happens to get in the way.
The AI can’t jump. Use that to crush them.

EDIT: This is my first UE4 game, and my first game jam. I’m pretty happy with the results!