Epic MegaJam! October 8-15th, 2015. THEME: STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS

I don’t normally do the whole jam thing but I’m gonna go in on this one! :smiley:

Me and my team are definitely in. We are very excited to be participating in Unreal first massive game jam event! One of our teammates left and we are looking for someone to sub for him. The info is located on ‘The Epic MegaJam Team Up Thread!’ here: The Epic MegaJam Team Up Thread! - Events - Unreal Engine Forums please take a look to see if you fit our needs!

Can anyone enter? and should i enter i can use only free assets that ue4 provides or i need to use some of my own?

I’ve missed quite a few Jams now (real life getting in the way) however I am going to try my hardest to participate in this bad boy….

Awesome :smiley: cant wait to see what people come up with!

Yeah, i’m in :slight_smile:

Anyone can enter, yes! And Marketplace / Learn tab assets are allowed, indeed :cool:

Looking forward to the game jam. I’m hoping I can get a game project submitted in time for it.

Hello I am Looking to join a team. I want to do something, but i am not the most creative person.

hi @Kevindt123

Chance created a thread just for forming teams, you’ll find it here:

good luck :wink:

can we use marketplace assets/functionality… can we use assets from epics projects and starter packs.
example… 1. wall running from marketplace
2. weapons/assets from infinity blade

don’t work at or for Epic, but can pretty safely say yes & yes to your questions.

about everything that is in the Launcher is legit for use as long as it’s used for Unreal Engine games and in the game jams. (even commercially)

note: the only mistake, in over a year, that I have seen them make was the Infinity Sounds which they took down the next day I believe. (& that might not have been solely their doing)
(personally got it downloaded but won’t use the asset commercially etc. until it’s approved)

i can do anything for the Nvidia shield…even “break the internet” sort of stuffs xD

Is the second thread up?

is there documentation that get more in-depth about the rules?
I was wondering about asset usage

The rules link isn’t up on this page yet, it will be weeks before this game jam starts.

But you can find the Detailed Rules Link on last month’s jam here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?81682-September-UE4JAM-Sept-10-13th-THEME-LIVE-DEATHLESS

Chance even created a thread to help people team up, it’s here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?84735-The-Epic-MegaJam-Team-Up-Thread!

Ooh I’m excited to get my mega jam on! :smiley:

Seattle users

This is awesome. I actually did the first one that was Halloween themed! Can’t believe it’s been a year. Man this community has really blown up and I love it!

If you are in Seattle make sure to come to our next Official UE4 Meetup where we will all share our projects!


Can I use assets bought outside Marketplace? Turbosquid for example.

Awesome! This is so tempting, especially since I will be free that entire week as I am finishing up some part time work at my college, after graduating.

I think I might wait to join in on the jam until the day of the theme and then decide from there if I can commit my time. :slight_smile: