Epic MegaJam! October 8-15th, 2015. THEME: STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS

I am definitely in on this. Can’t wait to annoy my wife and neglect my children!

Awwww yesss. Definitely in! :smiley:

Really want to participate in this one. My dreams are big though :smiley:

I’d love to join a team! I’m a graduate programmer but newish to the unreal engine, looking to build my portfolio!

That’s already how they choose the 3 winners of smaller jams too! I’m just not sure if it’s advertised which game won in which category.

I’m hoping for a Halloween theme considering the month!

Yay for extended game jam. Also kudos for adding at least basic quality rules.

Quick inquiry - Should I set up a place here on the forums to facilitate building a team? Would a temporary subforum work for team recruiting? Let me know what you think!

Actually was thinking of mentioning the same thing, I think it’s a good idea.

Just wasn’t sure how others might have felt about it, since I wasn’t participating in the jam, the last jam post was almost a full 4 pages before the jam even started.

I think especially with the Mega Jam that it would be appropriate. It would also make it easier to read & to keep up with, as the jam progresses.

A ‘Recruitment Thread’ would be great.

** in fact, I think it wouldn’t hurt to move recruitment posts there
(and feel free to remove this comment post as well for cleanliness)

Seconded on the recruitment thread.

Dont know if I’ll have the time to enter this next one. It’s cool theres more time though! Really cool. I had a lot of fun with the one past, the pressure was great.

I feel like there should be some restrictions on asset use. Not sure exactly what, but something. Something along the lines of custom or free prefabs only but any materials are fine. Or if want to bump sales a bit, limit marketplace assets to 1 pack only or something. I deliberately wanted to keep the game visuals as unique as possible and didnt want to use bought/market ones, unfortunately I didn’t see the gamejam that just past until the day of the deadline(which is my own fault) so i had no time to build anything elaborate, but when someone has purchased tons of assets and they have 5 people that can spend the entire time building out levels and such it’s pretty tough for the solo people to do the same on top of build out the core functions. There’s nothing wrong with either style, but perhaps the teams need to be smaller (3max) and not bigger or the game jams need to be judged differently depending on the team size. Maybe on top of the standards, there can be a solo award or something as a separate category just for the solo games as well.

I’m not in any way saying a solo creator can’t do as good as or better job than a team in terms of gameplay in the time frame for some cases, its more that since the visuals are part of the judgement, I feel even if the gameplay is generic but the assets look stunning, it skews the perception. It also can sometimes push people into making games around the theme of the assets they use rather than the actual ones required.

Just my thoughts though, these jams are a really good idea. Good job to whoever came up with them I can see these continuing to evolve! Great community here. Maybe eventually there will be a championship where top three winners of a some of these compete live in person somewhere lol

I think that it is worth adopting opt-out rule from Ludum Dare, which goes like this

Just a thread will do, I should think.

i am in :cool:.

Oh, you guys just being epic as usual : -D

I need people to work with so I would definitely like a place to look for a team.

Really looking forward to this!

I’m in and looking for a team!

I will definitely join the party!

Yea, this community is awesome! (pretty much like Chance ;))

And the first sponsor is announced! **Allegorithmic!

**[SIZE=2]Note: We’ve also started a “Team Up” thread](The Epic MegaJam Team Up Thread! - Events - Unreal Engine Forums to help y’all organize :slight_smile: [/SIZE]