Epic MegaJam! October 8-15th, 2015. THEME: STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS


are your winners!

Addiction Award
****Midnight Mall Race by Sleepless Meatbags V2.0

[SIZE=5]**Philosophy Award
****Omnitron by
**Eye Candy Award
****Guardians by
Allegorithmic’s Picks
(R)evolution Jumpers by Digital Hussars
Sir Isaac Fruiton by Impromptu Pub Giants
Guardians by

[/SIZE]**SpeedTree Drawing
Tony Kihlberg (Hologram Monster)
****Rubén Garcia (The Five Fingers)
****Jonathan Lambert (Team Lambert)
**NVIDIA Shield Drawing
Kasey Polk (Team Gryffindor)
****Jan Myburg (Arhaikos Studio)
****Austin Ward (AdamVR)
****Frank DiCola ()
****Scott Baker (Team Caffeinated)
**Gear VR Drawing
Ramon Huiskamp (Sparkle Pony)
**UE4 Growler Drawing
Tamas Szucs (Op Ninja Games)
David Sánchez Rivera (Flash and Pizazz)

Autographed NVIDIA Titan X
Krzysztof Heldt (Fireline Games)

In celebration of ONE YEAR of the #ue4jam, we’re taking the October event to a whole new level! Larger prizes, more award categories, community involvement perks, and partner sponsorship are all in store for those wanting to take part in this event of Epic proportions.

We present to you, the Epic MegaJam!

Work alone or with a team (up to 5 members) to make the most incredible project based on the theme in Unreal Engine 4, and submit before the deadline.

**With the higher stakes, we’re altering the project requirements for this time around. 's the list of updated requirements:
[li]The game must not be an obvious extension of one of Epic Games’ official Unreal Engine tutorials.[/li][li]The game must include custom gameplay that exceeds that found in Epic Games’ starter templates.[/li][li]All art assets in the game must have a material other than the default applied to it.[/li][/ul]
In Unreal Engine game jam tradition, we’ll be kicking this one off and announcing the theme on the livestream on October 8 and giving participants an entire week to create and submit an game built in the engine.
Submit the following to this thread before the end of the October 15 livestream and include the following info:
[li]Link to your game[/li][li]Team name[/li][li]List of team members[/li][li]Name of your submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)[/li][li]All original assets (yes / no) <- did your team make the assets for this jam or were they sourced from elsewhere?[/li][/ul]
**After you post your submission, PM with the email addresses of your team members (up to 5), the name of your team and the name of your project. **That makes it easier to get in contact with so make sure to send that info over! We’ll lock the thread at the end of the October 15 livestream and take edits to posts for downloads that are uploading for roughly 3 hrs afterwards.

**We’ll be announcing a guest sponsor each week along with the prizes that are up for grabs!

[li]Sponsor 1: Allegorithmic![/li][li]Sponsor 2: SpeedTree![/li][li]Sponsor 3: Nvidia[/li][/ul]
**Instead of normalizing the scores across each judgement criteria, we’re giving teams the ability to target one specifically and compete to be the best in a given category. they are:

[li]**Addiction Award: **Awarded for the most fun game rated by the Epic judging panel.[/li][li]**Eye Candy Award: **Awarded for overall visuals rated by the Epic judging panel.[/li][li]Philosophy Award: Awarded for the most excellent interpretation and execution of the theme by the Epic judging panel.[/li][/ul]
[li]Allegorithmic’s Pick (3): Allegorithmic is offering up a Substance Live license (containing Substance Designer + Substance Painter + B2M and monthly substance drops) for the three teams their judges deem to have the best looking games![/li][/ul]

[li]**Awards for Epic Award Category Winners: **One-year subscription and $250 gift coupon given to each team. (Note, not given per team member, but per team)[/li][li]Random Drawings (x 3): Three-month subscription and $100 coupon for randomly drawn individuals from pool of all qualifying participants![/li][/ul]
[li]Random Nvidia Shield Drawings: Based on the total count of qualifying submissions, we’ll be raffling off a number of Nvidia Shield devices! 's the breakdown[/li][LIST]
[li]0-50 submissions - 1 x Shield[/li][li]50-75 submissions - 2 x Shields[/li][li]75-99 submissions - 3 x Shields[/li][li]100+ submissions - 5 x Shields[/li][/ul]

[li]**TITAN X SIGNED BY NVIDIA CEO, JEN-HSUN HUANG! **Regardless of how many qualifying submissions we get, we’ll do one final random drawing for the overpowered GPU that Nvidia has graciously donated :cool:[/li][/LIST]

[li]**Awards for Epic Award Category Winners: **One-year subscription to Houdini Indie. (per team member!)[/li][/ul]

[li]Nvidia GTX 980 Ti card courtesy of RebornDimension: Awarded to a randomly drawn individual from pool of all qualifying participants.[/li][li]Unreal Engine / Epic Games branded aluminum growler courtesy of Epic Games: Awarded to a randomly drawn individual from pool of all qualifying participants.[/li][li]Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition (open box) branded aluminum growler courtesy of : Awarded to a randomly drawn individual from pool of all qualifying participants. Phone not included ;)[/li][/ul]

Detailed Rules Available :

Contest Rules <– Updated 10/9 with SideFX / Houdini prizes.
SpeeTree Drawing Rules
Nvidia Shield Drawing Rules
Nvidia Titan X Drawing Rules
980Ti Drawing RulesUnreal Engine Growler RulesSamsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Rules
All submissions will be featured in a highlight reel posted to our and shown on Twitch. All winning members will receive an Epic swag bag including an NVIDIA Shield amongst numerous other items, a “Game Jam Finalist” forum badge, a featured playthrough on the October 22 Twitch stream, as well as a highlight on Unreal Engine blog!

Also, everyone’s favorite playthrough artist, ** **, is visiting Epic to help us judge and present the winners live on October 22! We can’t wait to see the results :cool:

EDIT: has a new request for those submitting games to be features on his livestream! Read all about it .

Magic Sword

Additionally, the band Magic Sword has provided music to Epic MegaJam participants! These four songs are available to use on your non-commercial game jam entry. The EULA, download and more details can be found ! Also take a look at this forum post for more clarifications. The files are in mp3 format and if you require wav files, please email their contact address.

Magic Sword’s Social Sites:


You can listen to the tracks :

“Sword of Truth”
“In The Face of Evil”
“Journey’s End”

Happy developing, and good luck!

Theme Announce Countdown
Submission Deadline Countdown

Streaming your work on Twitch? Let us know so we can follow along!
Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam hashtag!

**-------- PARTICIPATING TEAMS **--------

[TABLE=“width: 100%, align: center”]

[li]Igneous Interactive - Cultivar (2)[/li][li]intoxicat3 - Unspoken Chambers (1)[/li][li]Ayretek - JPMonkey (2)[/li][li]WindowsYesEditor - OrionSRS (5)[/li][li]Team GiantMonster - Death Race (5)[/li][li]Mhousse1247 - A Long Whale Trip (1)[/li][li]Please Don’t Crash - Giants of a Generation (5)[/li][li]GalaxyMan - Mech Brawler (3)[/li][li]Lebanese Game Developers - Giant Busters (2)[/li][li]AranHase - Following Daddy’s Wisdom (1)[/li][li]Team Equinox - Double Shift (3)[/li][li]Coffee is My Soulmate - Bots OG (1)[/li][li]Gameplay Universe - Flying Home (3)[/li][li]The Monkey Room - The Columbus Expedition (3)[/li][li]Drektopia - Mister Moustache, Esquire (1)[/li][li] - Run Blind Giants Run (1)[/li][li]Hadar Silverman - Moment of Truth (1)[/li][li]Gadan - The Biggest Star on Earth (1)[/li][li]The Cole Train Runs On Whole Grain - Titan (3)[/li][li]CreepTek - Race of Giants (3)[/li][li]VRBoy - Ra (2)[/li][li]WarpSpasm - Serious (1)[/li][li]InsaneByDesign - vs. The Zombie Giants (1)[/li][li]Moon Forged - Omega Point (4)[/li][li]Daelus - Pilgrimage (1)[/li][li]’s No Sleep Grinder’s -**Heliotrope Zero **(5)[/li][li]TzenkuGames - Killing Titans Saving Giants (1)[/li][li]OxPrimeStudio - Shoulder Slime (1)[/li][li] - Ricochet (1)[/li][li]Fireline Games - The Isle of Giants (5)[/li][li]DarkGodsLairGames - Uber Titan (1)[/li][li]WeGotThisCovered - Rise of the Giants(5)[/li][li]Hologram Monster - Rock Giant (3)[/li][li]Impromptu Pub Giants - Sir Isaac Fruiton (4)[/li][li]RazzIt - Jonny the Giant Jumper (3)[/li][li]Tunnel Snakes - Homage (3)[/li][li]Muerte a Secuestradores - M’LAZ3r (3)[/li][li]Vaporware - Chosen Valley (2)[/li][li]Alexotronic - City of Giants (1)[/li][li]Implied Sewage - Giant Raid (2)[/li][li]Flying Bison - (giants not included{yet}) (2)[/li][li]psychoROBOT - The Fox and the Giant (1)[/li][li]DadJokeCinema - Titanball (1)[/li][li]majestic 4 - Sack of Stuff (4)[/li][li]Buttermilk Lab - Ascension (3)[/li][li]Hawk Vision Games - Dwarf Newton (1)[/li][li]Shut up mom this is a real job!! - Turn the Other Cheek(3)[/li][li]Jovian Giants - Giant Skies (5)[/li][li]Dark Binary - The Chase (2)[/li][li]BroForce - On the Shoulder of a Giant (2)[/li][li]Whatever Works - House of Small Lives (4)[/li][li]Cool With A K - Get to the Shoulda’ (1)[/li][li]The Soft Square - The Shoulder of the Giant (2)[/li][li]Hummingbird - Discite (1)[/li][li]exxello - Monkeys (1)[/li][li]KhenaB’s Team - Earth Invasion Simulator (1)[/li][li]The Five Fingers - Dreams of Gravity (5)[/li][li]CorrupedVertices - Relics and Ruins! (2)[/li][li]Tiruu - Giant Loot (1)[/li][li] - Lending Hand (1)[/li][li]AlexanderVR - Flappy Reality (1)[/li][li]Team Lambert - Flying Goliath (2)[/li][li]fengkan - Vetris (1)[/li][li] - AlienZ (1)[/li][/ul]

[li]Maxi And The Gang - Oh My Viking! (5)[/li][li]TinkerIt - Stashogia (1)[/li][li]Arhaikos Studio - Relativity (5)[/li][li]AAAGAMES - Grass (5)[/li][li]Broad Strokes - Arcanium (5)[/li][li]Boilerplate - Lucky’s Big Problem (4)[/li][li]Danjordian - Gigantum (1)[/li][li] shadow - Giants of Destruction (2)[/li][li]Loose Screw - Jam Game (1)[/li][li]CurrentFrame - Shoulderscope (1)[/li][li]Homeless Passenger Living Under A Rock - Epic MegaJam Game (1)[/li][li]Team - Giants (1)[/li][li]Ampersand - Giant Revival (5)[/li][li]OKKULTSIX - Baga (3)[/li][li]paintsincode - My Ancestors (1)[/li][li]Delta Games - The System (1)[/li][li]RennAndHisFriends - Scavengers (1)[/li][li]Ogliari - Bombs, Apples & Giants (1)[/li][li]Team Trilith - Regrowth (4)[/li][li]Gear Switch Games - Heirloom Dwarves (4)[/li][li]SuperTeamOne - Super Shoulder (1)[/li][li]Rocket Apple Pie - The Midget and the Titan (4)[/li][li]Lemos Brothers - Spider Tank Wars (2)[/li][li]AmnesiaDev - Worm Arena (1)[/li][li]Hot Spaghetti - Gluons (2)[/li][li] Games - Giant Selfie (1)[/li][li]2Bit - The Earitable Giant (4)[/li][li]ChampagneRobot - On the Shoulders of Giants (1)[/li][li]PapaSierra - Petrafeud (5)[/li][li]Fat Bomb - Temporal Defense (4)[/li][li]Flo - Defend the Giant (1)[/li][li]SeeJay - ReRun (1)[/li][li]Oscar Cooke-Abbott of ‘Sky Blu Inc.’ - Stone Shoulders (1)[/li][li]Gloim! - FlopnFail (1)[/li][li]Timmeh - BiteSized (1)[/li][li]Spritehaven Games - War Suns (1)[/li][li]Numbat Ninja - Shouldering the Load (2)[/li][li]Unain - Big Rig Mayhem (1)[/li][li]VortexLoop - Giant Defense (1)[/li][li]The Kokokazs Collective - The Testing Room (2)[/li][li]TheAwesomeTh3ory - and the Giant Robot (3)[/li][li]Team NinE - Super Epic Piggy (1)[/li][li]Cult of the Hypnotoad - Blurox and Gip (5)[/li][li]Haters - Made with Hate (2)[/li][li]The Team Formerly Known As Sol Survivors Feat. Lil’ Jaxy - Dev Up! (4)[/li][li]Madley - Experience (1)[/li][li]Emerald Club - Espionage (3)[/li][li]TierraDeVinos - Space Classic Game Runner (1)[/li][li] - 4 Torches (4)[/li][li]Pfist - Repro (1)[/li][li]KawaiiSoft - Everything is Relative (3)[/li][li]Team Gryffindor - Forest of Giants (5)[/li][li]Flash and Pizazz - Top Chief (4)[/li][li]HeadsAndBrains - Hobbit on the Giant (2)[/li][li]Blood Brothers - NED of the Dead (3)[/li][li]SkyByte - Ashes to Ashes (4)[/li][li]HEDGEHOGS - Mirror Battle (2)[/li][li] - Escape the Asylum (5)[/li][li]Rathimir - Ollvore (1)[/li][li]Hevedy - The Purple Essence (1)[/li][li]Stanley Cubrix and the Clockworks - Project TechJet (3)[/li][li] - Guardians (5)[/li][li] - Karhar 27 (2)[/li][li]Laughing Tower - The Wizard and the Pug: Princess Rescue (1)[/li][/ul]

[li]Team Laser Explosion - Monster Stories (4)[/li][li]LevelZeroBros - Becoming Giant (2)[/li][li]Alderbit - The Proxima Event (1)[/li][li] - The Tower (1)[/li][li]Team Trekdrop - Battle Metal (5)[/li][li]BAGUETTE TEAM - Legacy (4)[/li][li]Sutivu - Legacy (1)[/li][li]GDAD Dream Team - Mind the Traps (5)[/li][li]Team Overtime - Island Master (2)[/li][li]Chicken of the Storm - Seedlings (5)[/li][li]Digital Hussars - (R)evolution Jumpers (5)[/li][li]Hype.Games - Frenchie Cannon (5)[/li][li]Sleepless Meatbags V2.0 - Midnight Mall Race (4)[/li][li]team name - You + Blue (1)[/li][li]Od1n - The Giants Awaken (1)[/li][li]Gravity - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (4)[/li][li]Ocelotl - Nav-G (2)[/li][li]Team Omega - Don Quickote And The Giant (4)[/li][li]SparklePony - Me and My Shadows (5)[/li][li]Team MARAV - Giant Devourer (5)[/li][li]m2uk - Journey to Mars (1)[/li][li]2 coders 1 project - Us (1)[/li][li]New Blood - Battle Dads (5)[/li][li]Digital Children - Subject 99 (2)[/li][li]Teknika - The Giant’s Gold (5)[/li][li]TheFighters - Mech Jam (3)[/li][li]SouthWeast - Lost Summit (1)[/li][li]UnrealSevenFold - Apple Fox (5)[/li][li]404:Team Name Not Found - Fortress (5)[/li][li]Programmers in Hats - Apple Quest (2)[/li][li]Atlantic Games - Slingshotters (3)[/li][li]SMU Guildhall - Humphrey Bogus and the Unveiling of the Veil (5)[/li][li] - Omnitron (1)[/li][li]starlit - Robot Pilot (2)[/li][li]Epic Bacon - Project Titan (5)[/li][li]Op Ninja Games Klepto Giants (1)[/li][li]Agile Perception - Colonizer (4)[/li][li]Team Teim - Bounded Fate (3)[/li][li]Wailing Ninja - Democracy? DE-MECH-RACY! (2)[/li][li]Outer Veil - Big Ant (3)[/li][li]Team Blanco - Destroy It! (1)[/li][li]Team Caffeinated - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (5)[/li][li]Schnudden - Find Those Pages (1)[/li][li]CenaCorp - The Pilgrimage (5)[/li][li]LogansLevel - On Your Shoulders (1)[/li][li]Living Chain Games - Citadel of the Ascended (2)[/li][li]Fresh Lemonade - Thillgar’s Last Hope (1)[/li][li]PhaseState - Sum of Parts (1)[/li][li]LeoCurtss - The Giant’s Tower (1)[/li][li]JanWlosok - One Week (1)[/li][li]Kipras - Gigantum Nanos (1)[/li][li]Gabriele “Endorall” Granocchia - Arcade Adventure (1)[/li][li]Space Kitties - Giant’s Shoulders Evil Sorcerer (4)[/li][li]Shrödingers Pantsu - Space Truck Simulator 2134 (1)[/li][li]LaKsuilleTeam - Captain Zlulliver (1)[/li][li]Crackpot Gumption - Escape The Octagon (1)[/li][li]APDRA - Dwarves Among Us(2)[/li][/ul]

**[SIZE=3]All Submissions Video


**Top Submissions Video


Awwwwwww yeah! Super excited to be coming out to Epic. Especially relating to game jams.

I’ll defintely be doing a stream playthrough as always, starting exactly at the game submission deadline time.



Cant wait to see on the big screen!

Oh yeah folks, it’s AWWNNNN. Not going to miss out on this one!

EDIT: I found the Material requirement interesting haha

Might take you up on that Kitasus if my studio mates aren’t keen!

Aww yeah. Definitely NOT going to miss this one! Long live #ue4jam!

I have waited long enough to get my feet wet, this time, I’ll be participating. :o
Anyone looking for a team-member? PM me!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
So excited. Also, to team Epic, you guys rock!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Best. Community. Ever. These jams keep getting better and better. Props to for organizing!

This is something Id like to get into this time!
If anyone is looking for a 3D artist, send me a message! Im fresh out of college looking to build my resume, is a link to my website with some of my work

+1 & 10 Chars

Message sent, jcary!

Anyone else that needs a team, particularly coding/blueprints, drop me a PM.

Was considering getting into one of these, unfortunately I will be out of town 3 of those days. Oh well, maybe the next one. Good luck to all.

Oh WOW! Ill be participing on this one for sure!, if anyone needs some coding / blueprint, Game Design / UI Logic work done hit me up!

I’ll take you up on that, . I could use a good blueprinter, both in action and to teach my current codemonkey the ins and outs. We’d be honored to have you.

Some really fun stuff on your website, by the way… Some of it will appear in a large upcoming project-- a couple of the miniprojects solves a directly solves problems we were having.

having 3 categories seems like a greath idea! I would like to see such implementation in the small jams too.


anytime we hold beer/coffe cup for you in Warsaw, :slight_smile: We will fight in Epic MegaJam, just like we fought in september :slight_smile: (guys are sleeping now)



Simulation Games Manufacture

Yes! Yes! Yes! I just finished leading my first game jam and I am hooked. Will definitely be considering forming another team for this jam. Love that you are giving us a week!

SUGGESTION: Larger team size for the bigger game jam? Even just adding one more person would be huge!

. Epic . Excited . Will Participate!

awww yiss count me in!

I might see if I can get some time off work to participate :smiley: