Epic MegaJam Game Thread

Here’s my entry:

Void City

3d models are from google poly and sound FX are from freesound.

Team: PlayForFood

Game: Clari Viri

Clari Viri is an RTS with Tower defense mix game. The game’s goal is to defend Temple of Light (your base) from waves of evil spirits as long as possible. You will have to summon Wisp minions to gather resource - Ether and build Towers of light which illuminate around areas. Light heals Wisps but damages evil Spirits. Darkness does the opposite effect on your Wisps, so try to avoid it during night.

You can to download it: Clari Viri

Team : Funarou

Game : Better Find The Light

Download : Google Drive: Sign-in

Epic MegaJam BetterFindTheLight game preview - YouTube](Epic MegaJam BetterFindTheLight game preview - YouTube)

Edit: Oops, seems like one of team mates already made a post! Sorry.

Elemental spirits of Light and Dark fight for the soul of a sleepy mediterranean village.
Illuminate the shrines and light the central bonfire in a fast-paced, 1v1 king of the hill battle!

**Team: **Analogue Circle
**Link: **Meronikto by jonathansty, Concertium
Group size: 4
Team Members:

  • James Hodgson
  • Ben Meredith
  • Jonathan Steyfkens
  • Sander Vander Meiren

Very satisfied with the results! Was a great time jamming in unreal for the first time but now I’m very sleep deprived.

Team: Studio Axiom

Team Size: 3; Michael, Mickey, and Parth

Game: Porkchop Liteboot

Play: - Google Drive

Forgot to mention on the form that I used animations from Mixamo. When I visit the link again it doesn’t give me an option to edit my submission anymore, just a blank submission form. What should I do?

just shoot me a direct message! :slight_smile:


Light Bringer**

Game: Light Bringer
Download link: Light Bringer by Naughty Cog

Team name: Naughty Cog
Team size: 5
Team members:



E For Hugs
The village is a bit dark and has lost its colour.
Can you restore the colour to the village through the power of hugging?

Team: Project333
Team size: 2

Find the 8 villagers and give them plenty of hugs. Press and hold E to hug!
The game is speedrunnable, takes less than 2 minutes! Which is about how long it takes before the ambient audio cuts out due to a bug.

Trouble in Rainbowland

A catastrophic cosmic event has shattered your world and left it in darkness.
As the only remaining Rainbow Technician, it’s up to you to bring the light back!

Team: Sleep or Dev trying
Team size: 1
Download: Zip

Redirect and merge the beams of light until all the colours of the rainbow are at the goal node.
Fully mouse controlled, cursor should show the way.

Ran into some issues at the end so only packaged 2 short levels sadly.


Hey folks! It’s been a heck of a week. I’ve really been enjoying playing everyone’s games.

Here is our submission: Light Security!

Finally follow your childhood dreams of becoming a security guard in an office ran by a disembodied stinge-boss in this virtual reality experience. Shine your flashlight on burglars to send them straight to jail. That’s right. If you’re stealing stuff and you get lit up, you gotta walk all the way to jail.

You can download the game here:…ew?usp=sharing

Here is a complete playthrough video:

Link to the video: Light Security on Vimeo

Team Froggo is:

Joseph Battyanyi - Models, Level Design, Character Voices, Additional Programming
Jake Flynn - Programming, Gameplay, Sound Design, Provider of Beer

Good luck, everyone!

Great work everywhere here, good job people!

Our submission is visible there, not much time was spent on marketing and videos, so you will have to download and try it a few times to really get into it.

Pretty much all art and related assets (audio) were obtained from the Unreal Marketplace as none of us have any advanced artistic skills.
We did some small art changes but most of our time was spent on creating levels and implementing some degree of game balance to make the entities work.

It was fun connecting the Oculus and playing with VR we attempted to set the tone pretty dark but not too scary. Lot’s left to learn but it sure has been a lot of fun for us.


TEAM NAME; Néotl Empire
Team Members: 2

DESCRIPTION:Battle it out in this online multiplayer top-down arena game inside the house with two elemental players - light or dark. Who will emerge victorious?

  • WSAD - Move
  • LMB - Light Attack
  • RMB - Medium Attack
  • Ctrl+LMB - Heavy Attack
  • Escape - Return to Main Menu


[UPDATED - Version 1.1]

Hi all. Well, that was fun! I am an exhausted army of one.

My game takes place in the vast reaches of space in a place where Light is mined. However, a seemingly unending dark armada is coming to steal the light supply. Place cannons and mines to protect the light-gathering ship until time runs out or you get overwhelmed.

Below is a link and a video to my game: Light 'Em Up.

Here’s a link to download:…ML2Bw1w3W/view

I posted a submission but it wasn’t ‘playable.’… because I kept tearing apart things that already worked to try alternate methods to make things more efficient.

I’ll cut out all of the unused assets and rebuild to post here once I’ve had some sleep.

“A shadow has shrouded the night sky in darkness, draining the stars of their light. Weakened, they fall to the earth, unable to resist the darkness. All except one.”

Collect the fallen stars. Defeat the shadows and return your fallen sisters and brothers back to the night sky.

Team name: Peanut Rangers
Title: Starlight


WASD - movement
LMB - basic attack
Q & E - special attacks
SPACE - jump
ESCAPE - pause

Defeated enemies sometimes drop light charges which heal you and give you special charge when picked up.

DOWNLOAD: - Google Drive

Name: Battle Kart
**Download Link: **Battle Kart by trencorn
Video Link:
Team: Curtis Zuehls, Jake Labeots, Trent Cornwell, Grabe Ruiz, and Karen Ruiz

**Objective: **Be the last player standing

Battle Kart is a multiplayer splitscreen game that has you battle against your friends to be the last kart standing! Pick up powers from the glowing pools on the map to augment your kart. Each player can have two powers they can cycle between.

Controller Controls
**Bottom Face Button: **Acceleration
Left Face Button: Brake
Top Face Button: Look behind
**Left Thumbstick: **Steer

**Right Bumper: **Use Power
Right Face Button:Swap Power
Left Thumbstick Press: Jump
**Left Bumper: **Handbrake

Keyboard Controls
**W: **Acceleration
A: Steer Left
S: Brake
**D: **Steer Right
Q: Look behind

**E: **Use Power
R:Swap Power
Space: Jump
**Left Control: **Handbrake

Disclosed Content
Laser Sounds (c) by Michel Baradari:
Music by Alex Colgan: Stream Toothface music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
Low Poly Series - Caverns from the Marketplace

Gameplay Instructions
One player has to be on keyboard the rest should play on controllers.
Tab on keyboard or back button on controller to view control setup.
Pick powers up from the glowing power pools.
When players die they wont respawn until someone is the last player standing. Then when the next round starts everyone will respawn.

I attempted to make a game based on SamHain the original Halloween, where you were suppose to keep your lantern going until you got home, while solving the death of a spirit. I figured there was more interest in forming a group, ended up just doing this one solo. Meh, stuff happens I guess.

WASD - Change forward direction
Space - Jump
Arrows - Turn

Download the Game here:

First time I’ve actually made a game instead of just messed around in the editor. It ended up being a lot shorter than I wanted it to be, but I learned a lot. Pick up and place lights to get through the level

Team: Yogurt
Game: Shores
Download: Shores by Yogurt
Video:Shores - YouTube
Gameplay: You can only stand on areas that are lit up. Pick up and place lights to get to the end
WASD+Mouse/Analog sticks to move and look around
E/Left Click/Left Face Button/Right Trigger to pick up and place lights
Space/A to jump

Assets made before the jam: It was based on the FPS example project and uses the glass and burnished steel materials from the starter content as well as the red crosshair from the fps example.

I ended up being sick the whole way through the Jam and didn’t finish but I still learned so much trying to make a 3D zero gravity platformer. Congratulations to all those people who made it through the Jam, looking forward to seeing your great creations and I can’t wait to join you all again next time.