Epic Launcher: Project missing from "My Projects"

I had a file corruption on a project a while back that caused the project to stop showing up under “My Projects” in the Epic Launcher. I’ve since fixed the corruption and the project is healthy and in working order. But I cannot get it back under “My Projects” in the Epic Launcher.

If I launch the engine version it’ll be there as one of the “recent” projects available, and it will open up fine that way. I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do to bring it back under “My Projects”?

All you have to do is double click the project file. Once it’s opened, you’ll find it back in the my projects section.

I don’t know how to take this answer? If it was this simple, why would I even need to ask?
For the record, a project opened in the way I mentioned would normally get added to “My Projects” automatically, just like you said. Since this isn’t happening it should be clear that the case isn’t ordinary

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Well, that’s how you do it… If someone sends you a project, for instance, once you’ve doubled clicked it, it will appear in the launcher.

Ok. You can force the engine to open a project with methods like:

Maybe it just doesn't see it as a viable file at the moment.

That’s exactly my problem: It does not appear after doing this. I don’t know how to be more clear about this.

I’m not sure what that is supposed to achieve? Like I stated, the project is healthy and opens up fine. There is no issue with the project. There is an issue with the launcher finding the project and adding it to “My Projects”. If I go through the engine version (in the launcher), it shows up as a “recent project”.

I would try to do a rollback compile to version 4.24 but I’m not sure it’s non destructive and I’d rather not take the chance.

I guess it’s worth opening the .uproject file with a text editor, to check it looks ok.

Also, this post has some stuff ( in the answer ) about the way the launcher picks up stuff form ini files, although it’s more around a bit since then…

I don’t see a link in your reply to a post?

the .uproject file is fine. it would complain if it wasn’t, or worse yet, not start the project.


Yeah I’ve been past that thread before, and I couldn’t get it to work with that either. I think this might be a genuine bug at this point

I had this problem recently - whenever I opened one specific project, it made all my recent project list empty. I started to compare the differences between this and the other projects and I found additional file “DefaultEditorSettings.ini” in the Config folder with a lot of paths in there. Just delete those paths (or the whole file if there’s nothing important) and the problem should be fixed.

Thanks for trying, but the DefaultEditorSettings.ini doesn’t even exist in the affected project.

So, for anyone that find this post. This fixed for me:

#0 - Quit Epic Launcher (right click tray icon > exit). If you don’t quit completely, changes will be reverted.

#1 - Navigate to


#2 - Open


#3 - and add lines to the end under [Launcher] like the following:


Note: Do not type in the project folder itself or else it won’t work.

Found on: Reddit - Dive into anything


Thx, This solved the issue for me. Now the launcher knows where to look for projects

Thank you! This was a big help!
One extra little note is that it doesn’t seem to search the child hierarchy, just the specific folder given. That almost tripped me up.

So if your project is at


You have to specify


Merely putting


will not work.

Since making this change, the one project I was adding before is added, however other projects (existing in the other folder and new ones in my “Main” folder are missing from the Library as well now). I haven’t encountered this before but it is very annoying.

Thanks a lot.It saved me :joy:.It’s amazing that I can’t set it on the launcher’s UI.

thanks, still works.