Environment Lighting similar to Dota 2

I have been using UE4 for a couple months. My lighting were mostly for realistic renders only. But, now I want to challenge myself by doing a stylized lighting, somewhat similar to the image attached. The image is referenced from Dota 2.

How can I achieve a final level render such as this?

I can’t see special lighting here, maybe I miss something. Stylize effect is done on materials, textures. You can start from study “Stylized Landscape”, this is project from Epic free on Marketplace Stylized Rendering Landscape | Unreal Engine Documentation

Valve doing only changes in postprocess effects, like a grain etc. You have it in Unreal Engine, depending what you need

One of my friend suggested me to follow half cell shader materials. Do you think this could be helpful in tweaking the final output ?

Here is the link : (Tutorial) Simi CelShade PostProcess Material work with light color, point lights and skybox - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums