Engine improvements

Hi guys,

This is not a question, more of a wishlist on how to improve the already awesome engine. Using it for a month now, here’s what I’d absolutely love to see:

  1. You can give a layered material system even more power, if you add few features to the mesh paint tool. Particularly to Texture painting part of it. These things are - support for tablet pressure and brush alphas. The result would be a sort of Mudbox right in the engine, as it would allow artists to paint material masks directly in the level.

  2. If it’s possible at all - make the Source Length property of lights affect not only reflections but the actual lighting, either static or dynamic. Result - creating fake area lights would become a much easier task, and there would be almost no need to bring back the UDK’s mesh lights.

  3. A small thing - please re-enable “Bake only selected” option. This would result in a much quicker iterations when testing level lighting.

  4. Addition of fog volumes would benefit the engine greatly, though it is possible to fake it with particles for now.

  5. Translucent materials should have a roughness value to them. Right now, making shiny glass is a bit of a pain.

Well, that’s all for now. I do apologize, if this is not the correct place to post this, but hopefully developers read this section.

Thanks a lot and keep up building this incredible tool, it has a lot of potential!

Thanks very much for the feedback. We are reading and we appreciate you taking the time to write it up.