Engine freezing/stalling after lighting build

Since updating to 4.7 (love it), I have had some problems after building lighting. Up until now, after I built the lighting(production), my scene lagged every few seconds just in the editor view(only when moving around using the wasd keys with the editor camera), but played fine. Today however, I had that same problem which isn’t usually much of an issue, but this time I found the engine freezing consistently about 5 minutes after launch, and after looking at task manager, it seems that my RAM is slowly being eaten up, until it is at 99%, at which point the engine just freezes (doesn’t crash).

Even at idle (just opening the project), this happens every time, seems like something is stacking up behind the scenes until it overloads. I have 32GB of DDR4 RAM, so I don’t think it’s a capacity issue, any ideas on how to fix? I’m currently deleting all of my lightmaps and rebuilding to see if that fixes the issue.

Hi EoinOBroin,

Apologies for the delay.

Are you are still experiencing this issue or has any of the Hot Fix updates resolved this for you?

After deleting the lightmaps and rebuilding lighting a few times the problem went way- not quite sure why it happened, but all is good now! I’ll post again if the problem returns and persists! Thanks!