Enemy AI behaves as though it’s next to me when it is directly above or below me

We have enemy characters in my game who approach us - a simple enough task. This logic works as expected until we start moving to higher or lower levels. The enemies on the ground below us or on higher floors will frequently approach our position and act as though they have reached us, but only they are on their own floor. So while they are not stuck by anything physical in the map, they are perpetually “stuck” directly above or below us. If we can lead them close enough to a ramp, often times they will find the correct path to us and continue to approach us correctly. We’ve tried using different characters, a test pawn with almost no logic in it, we’ve tried different blueprint commands to get him to approach, and we have tried tweaking many values in the recast nav actor, all without any luck. They’re still just standing around right above and below us. Wondering if there might be something we’re missing? Thank you!!