Enabling Navmesh Walking mode seems to do nothing

I recently added AI navigation to my game, and found the movement cost was pretty high

Came across posts elsewhere regarding this issue and found a post by MieszkoZ in this thread: How can I make AI have less impact on performance? - AI - Unreal Engine Forums

Regarding Navmesh Walking mode used in Paragon, and how it’s cheaper than the standard walking mode.

I tried enabling this mode in the CharacterMovementComponent, but nothing I do seems to actually enable it, characters still walk on the actual level geometry as usual, and in AI Debug mode they say they are using “Walking” mode.


There doesn’t seem to be any docs regarding Navmesh Walking, and search results seem to return a lot of results where other people are asking about how it works too.

This sounds like something I really need, what’s the process to get this working?


Did you ever figure this out? I’m in the same situation.

Unfortunately not, no one I talked to could make it work either, across multiple machines and projects. It’s as if they removed the feature from the engine.

Yes, that is unfortunate. Thanks for the reply.


Hello from the future! Do a SetMovementMode() on your character movement component in the beginplay of your character and set it to Navmesh Walking. All it takes.

Worked perfectly! Thank you very much.