Enabling nanite is causing overlapping UV errors when building static lighting

I’m adding lightmaps to my meshes to allow platforms that are unable to run Lumen at a reasonable frame rate to use faster static lighting. Unfortunately, I’ve found that enabling nanite on some of my meshes causes the lightmap build to fail with UV overlap errors. Disabling nanite on the problem meshes fixes the problem. I’m not seeing anything showing up with the error coloring enabled. I did notice that nanite modifies the supplied lightmap. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @Whammy , i run into the same problem. If you use ZBrush for the models you can check if there are weird overlapings in the mesh.
The easy and faster way (thats what i have done) is just redo the UV´s. That solved the problem for me.
Seems like if you dont have a clear topo nanite sometimes does not really know how to convert the model UV´s.

What I am seeing is that the problem seems to be in areas with beveled edges that have closely grouped edge loops. Nanite is simplifying the lightmap and is having trouble in these areas. You can clear the error by manually editing the lightmap to spread out the edge loops or you can crank up the lightmap resolution to a ridiculous level. Neither option is desirable.