Enable refraction


Just wondering if it’s possible to enable refraction without setting sg.EffectsQuality to 2, by doing so i get a huge performance decrease over using sg.EffectsQuality 0 even when no refraction is being rendered

Is refraction really dependent on overall effects quality setting, or can it be enabled by itself through some other way?


Hello KhenaB,

When adjusting the overall performance settings for the editor that change is universal. So, if you changed from Epic to Low you would see a performance change across the resolution and graphical functions. If you open the Minimal_Default level that is created with a blank project with starter content you will notice a small statue on the table. The glass has a refraction property assigned to it’s material. When entering sg.EffectsQuality 0 into the console commands I am still able to see refraction. So, it should be possible to have refraction without setting quality to 2.

Effects are rendered on a separate pass from materials. So, refraction is not dependent on overall effects quality settings.

Hey ,

Here is a gif that show how sg.EffectsQuality affects refraction (not to be confused with reflection), notice how it only kicks in when set at 2



Hello KhenaB,

You are absolutely right. Looking through our documentation I found a section that covers Sg.EffectsQuality. Refraction is flagged as being influenced by this command.

You can see that before sg.EffectsQuality 2 that the Refraction quality =0. I just tested the command r.RefractionQuality=2 while the EffectsQuality was set to 1 an this allows me to manually influence the refraction only.

This is some very good news as i am able to use refraction with a minimal performance loss now

Thank you !