Emissive - maintain color saturation when boosting emissive value

Emissive lighting question - Is it possible to boost emissive values on primary colored lights while still retaining saturation?

ie I wnat red green and blue emissive lights to maintain their color and not turn white when emissive is boosted.

Guy who’s never worked with materials before in his life, ima jsut say that sounds impossible. However, UE4/5 is a fever dream and does whatever you force it to so idk maybe it is

I’m pretty new to UE, but if you’re using UE5 and Lumen, I believe the answer is no you can’t do that; instead you should add (1) a mesh with emissive material and (2) a light, so that you can control the color of the mesh surface independently from the color of the light it emanates. Related convo: Emissive material boost for lumen - #5 by topherhunt

Go into your PostProcessVolume and search for the “Tone Curve Amount”, and reduce it to zero. That basically disables the Tone Mapper, that is responsible for this color shift in emissive materials.


Awesome. Thanks