Emissive loses glow after building lighting

When editing and making a little scene I was working on some materials that could make a glow through the ground. After that I’ve started working on lighting everything is working fine in till I’ve did an build lighting test. After the build the emissive light loses its glow and cannot attach the glow material into any other static mesh in the scene unless its the one that hasn’t been built before the lighting build. I’m not to sure if this is a bug but I’ve marked it down just in case, however anyone else that had this situation have a solution?

Can you post some screenshots please?

First picture shows of the lighting build as you can see after I build the lighting it sorta changes the material surface. The material I believe looks fine in the node editor i’m using an material instance but even the master material dose the same thing.

You need to set material domain to Surface, Blend Mode Opaque and Shading Model to Unlit. Light Functions are used for lights(you can find more info in the documentation) so it is something completely different than what you need.