Emissive color not glowing during play

I’m trying to have my star look all cool and glowy, like this:


It almost works, except during play!


I attempted toggling several promising-sounding lighting settings, restarted, and it didn’t seem to work. I thought I reverted them. However, now, at least in the editor it glows properly. Previously, it only glowed properly in the mat preview.

Can someone please clue me into which setting makes this mat glow properly during playback? Let me know if you’d like any additional settings screenshots!

Did you ever figure it out?
Running into a similar problem in 4.19 - glow is working in the material and in the editor, but not during any type of play. I tried various things including double checking bloom and mobile HDR, deleting intermediate/saved, still nothing. Anyone have an idea?

Thank you! That is super weird. Some of the things are not going to be possible to do (post process or engine versions) because of the nature of the project, sadly. It’s really weird because other projects with the same settings and versions seem to work just fine. We even tried copying the project over with default settings an it still didn’t work. So strange…

Unfortunately, this is one of those mysteries that fixed itself :frowning: I believe it fixed after I made several batch alterations to my objects. I recommend checking your post-processing volume and upgrading UE4 versions, re-parenting components, re-creating the object, etc… Or simply being patient and hoping it will go away! lol! Good luck!