Editor freeze when i drag a mesh

I’m curently trying to create a scene, a forest, which is curently empty.When i drag a rock or any static mesh, the whole unreal freezes for about 1-5 mins(depending on how heavy the textures aplied are). curently.This goes for materials too. for applying a simple wall material on a box, when i drag the material the engine freezes for about 30 seconds.For a complex material it can go even beyond 5 mins.

Hi ReyLoN -

Can you give us some more information regarding your system setup? Specifically I am wondering if you can post your DXDIAG and let us know what Engine version you are using?

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Eric Ketchum

Processor: AMD FX™-6100 Six-Core Processor(6 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
Available OS Memory: 16362MB RAM
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
I’m using 4.7.4 and also have 2 screens if that changes anything.

Hi -

Screens are always helpful. So far I am not seeing any slow down on my end. Can you also check your Engine Scalability Settings and whether you have real time enabled?

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Eric Ketchum

well for quality, everything was set to epic. autodetect sets them to medium but i’ve set them to low and it’s a slightly better result.Now it takes about 40-60 seconds for what it took 4 mins.
About realtime, it was enabled, however i can’t see any diference with it disabled.Also, i forgot to mention, the editor freezes even if i right-click the mesh. and then once it’s back i can drag it in the scene as many times as i want without a delay.

I’m having this problem also. Reported it here, along with a crash issue:

(I believe the crashing and editor freezing are separate issues)

For me the freezing takes usually less than 1 minute, depending on mesh detail. Once the initial freezing has subsided, I can insert that mesh into scene repeatedly without further issues as long as I keep the scene open. I’m not certain yet, but I suspect this happens only when I have a landscape in scene.

Hi Polka Tuba -

In your other post you are referencing Open World Envrionment Content is this the content that specifically causes your engine to freeze or does any mesh content cause the engine to freeze.

For ReyLoN and Polka -

If you have specific assets (FBX imports) which are causing the freeze and can provide a copy please upload them here. Also if you can let me know if this only happens in a very specific project or if it occurs in a blank project with no starter content.

Thank You both -

Eric Ketchum

Hello Eric,

The freezing happens with any mesh.

Hello -

Does the freezing occur in a specific project or all projects? Can you reproduce in a blank no starter content project? If so, let me know. If not and it is a specific project can you let me have access to that project, either by linking here or via a private message on the Forums.

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Eric Ketchum


I have tried to do further testing and now I don’t seem to be able to reproduce it in any other project except the one that contains the assets from Open World Demo Collection. That project is 7.5GB in size, so posting it here might be a problem. Perhaps ReyLoN has more compact sample?

One thing that can be helpful is to cause the freeze and once it recovers immediately close the editor and go to your project folder and find the most recent log file and upload it here. Then I can see what the editor was doing immediately before and during the freeze.

Here is a part of the log that might interest you. Please let me know if you wish to receive the full log.

[2015.04.08-20.02.08:900][849]LogContentBrowser:Verbose: The content browser source was changed by the sources view to ‘/Game/KiteDemo/Environments/Rocks’
[2015.04.08-20.02.20:171][200]LogContentBrowser:Verbose: The content browser source was changed by the sources view to ‘/Game/KiteDemo/Environments/Rocks/Boulder_05a’
[2015.04.08-20.02.25:559][842]LogContentBrowser:Verbose: The content browser source was changed by the sources view to ‘/Game/KiteDemo/Environments/Rocks/GroundRevealRock002’
[2015.04.08-20.02.31:413][163]LogTexture:Display: Building textures: T_GroundRevealRock002_N (BC5)
[2015.04.08-20.02.47:306][163]LogTexture:Display: Building textures: T_GroundRevealRock002_D_CC_R (AutoDXT)
[2015.04.08-20.03.41:272][163]LogStaticMesh: Building static mesh SM_GroundRevealRock002…
[2015.04.08-20.03.41:530][163]LogStaticMesh: Built static mesh [263.465790ms] /Game/KiteDemo/Environments/Rocks/GroundRevealRock002/SM_GroundRevealRock002.SM_GroundRevealRock002
[2015.04.08-20.03.41:607][163]LogActorFactory: Actor Factory created SM_GroundRevealRock002
[2015.04.08-20.03.45:107][556]LogActorFactory: Actor Factory created SM_GroundRevealRock002
[2015.04.08-20.03.45:915][651]LogActorFactory: Actor Factory created SM_GroundRevealRock002
[2015.04.08-20.03.47:008][781]LogActorFactory: Actor Factory created SM_GroundRevealRock002
[2015.04.08-20.03.54:633][457]Cmd: QUIT_EDITOR

I created a new project, without a starter contnent and tested it again. the editor still freezes, however it doesn’t last more than 10 seconds.

Hi ReyLoN -

You mention in your first post that you imported a rock or any static mesh and it is causing the freeze. Can you be specific as to what meshes you are using? Are they assets from the Kite Open Environment or personal assets?

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Eric Ketchum

sorry i forgot to mention that.Its the Open World Demo Collection.

Hello -

If you both would not mind running this test for me, I have two FBX files in the following Zip. Can you try to import both included FBXs and let me know the times you get for each one?

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Tested it in 2 projects.A new one without starter contnent, and one i already had the demo world,starter contnent and a few thing in the scene. In both cases, importing took a little over a minute, but then i had no problem dragging them into the scene or rightclicking them.Also i should mention that i imported them both at once and most of the time it was freezed, the load was at 40%. When i imported them one by one, it got stuck at 50 % and the red loaded faster than the green;however, the total time is the same.

Hi ReyLoN -

After some exhaustive testing here, I have been able to narrow down the issue which we are discussing and while it officially is not a bug, I do have a workaround for you and others who are having the same issue.

First, let me address why this is not a bug, because I can understand why this appears to be buggy behavior. The Open World Content was created on Machines for Machines with Titans and Prototype Titan X cards installed, so in the Marketplace when it says “The assets in this pack are designed for extremely high end systems,” we’re not kidding. For some reference, my Office CPU is a Xenon 3.6GHz 32GB RAM NVidia GTX770 system and the rock assets average about 2.5 minutes to place. My Home CPU is an i7 3.2GHz 24GB RAM NVidia GTX680 system and the assets take close to 10 minutes to place into the viewport.

Now, you have the pack and you want to use it but how with a mid to lower end machine. Well there are a few things that you can do to optimize the assets for your CPU. (Please note you will need patience, access to a Photo-Editing program like Photoshop, and a not insignificant amount of temporary Hard Drive Space.) First you will need to add the asset pack to a project, this will not be the final project just a temporary project to get access to the individual assets.

Once in the project, you will need to Filter by Textures, so you are only looking at the Texture Assets from the pack. Then slowly and individually select each texture asset and right click and export the asset to a temporary location on your hard drive (remember the location). A note here, because I know some will try to batch export and that is an option here, but in order to export the Textures must be loaded and it is their loading which is causing the long load times, so if you do a batch convert expect a seemingly staled computer and a lengthy amount of time.

Now open Photoshop (or the Editing software of chose) and open the texture assets from that temporary location (they should be TGA files). Upon opening each, select Image Size and resize the images to 2048 x 2048 (from 8192) there are a few textures which are already 2048x2048 you can leave them alone or scale them down to 512x512 (which would be the same ratio down conversion). Once resized save the images over themselves in the temporary location.

Back in the project, you will need to right click and reimport all the textures from their temporary location. Once done, your assets will now be using a much more manageable sized textures for low to mid range computers. Now from that project you can migrate out to any projects that you want to use those assets.

With 4.8, the placement and importation process for FBX meshes has been greatly improved and even the higher end assets will work on mid to high range systems with a much more responsible 20 sec pause (based on my Office CPU specs)

Thank everyone for their patience as we work through this issue -

Eric Ketchum

What a joke. So one has to get a TitanX GPU to get the assets to work.

Hi ReyLoN -

Quadro GPUs are meant for high end offline renders and they do an amazing job for rendering in those circumstances but they actually do only a so so job with real time rendering which requires different rendering pathways and performance. Here is a link to a benchmark breakdown highlighting the Quadro, the Titan X is at the top of the list: PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmarks - Video Card Look Up

Thank You

Eric Ketchum