Editing Lightmaps

Hello! I’ve been baking lightmaps in unreal engine, and there are a few little discrepancies i would like to change without having to rebake the whole scene. I was wondering if there was a way to just access the files and edit them with photoshop?


Hi Dark_Jubei,

This isn’t really possible with the way lightmaps are clustered and stored into textures. When a lightmap is baked it’s not just a single texture for each object. These get put into a texture atlas that stores multiple lightmaps for objects in the world. You can view these lightmap textures for each level by going to the World Settings and expanding the drop downs under the Lightmass section.

Thank you!


I think that Texture Atlas would be the case if you let Unreal create the lightmap UVs but if you created your own uv set for Lightmaps via Max or Maya, then I would hope that the UV set would be respected…