Dynamically light up a big hall without too much performance lost?


I am creating a VR-game and in game there is a big hall that will start to light up from one end to another. Dynamic light are very performance heavy and the solution i am using is too demanding. This is a basic setup now:


Basically what happens is this: When Player comes to room. He activates the trigger that sets the intensity of light to 8000 one row at the time. I tried lot of things but problem is that attenuation radius will start to overlap, and causing the performance issue. I disabled shadow casting with every light, that solution removed the X-mark(error) from the lights, but that didn’t help with the performance. FPS drops to somewhere 45-50. Any ideas how to light up this place without performance loss?

Hello bro have U read this doc yet

Here U get to know about how GPU vs CPU acts to lighting and stuff. I hope U will find something useful here . I have never researched about this(performance) aspect of lighting but I wanted to help so I posted the document…

Read this first. contains some pro tips

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