Dynamic shadows issue

In my scene I have movable directional light, with cascaded shadow map and NO Precomputed Lights enabled.
I want my shadows fairly sharp and to be visible from some distance.
But I cant get my shadows working how I want them to work.
Theres a parameter called “Dynamic Shadow distance movable light” in description it says “How far cascaded shadow map dynamic shadows will cover for a movable light” it basically does what it says, except it decreases the shadow resolution with distance. So I have 2 choices: have bad looking shadows visible from approx. 4000 units, or high resolution shadows which get cut after 50 units away from camera.
Also I would assume that the who “cascaded thing” its suppose to work like the shadows near camera will have higher resolution than those far away, but no, Im getting constant bad resolution no matter the distance from the camera.
I tried setting shadow resolution higher, but for it to have desired effect I have to bump it really high, and I also tried setting shadow quality to cinematic, that didnt help


Hi, cascaded shadow maps give you a higher resolution shadow near the camera, and have lower resolution the further the cascades are away from the camera. So if you set “NumDynamicShadowCascades” to 4, that means you will have 4 different shadow resolutions. The distribution exponent controls how those cascades are distributed.

Generally I set the dynamic shadow distance to 3000 or 4000 (30m or 40m) to have high resolution shadows close up and then use distance field shadows for further away and far shadow cascades for the landscape / really big objects.

You could also take a look at this here Lighting Essential Concepts and Effects - Unreal Engine

There are 2 problems:

  1. when the value “Dynamic Shadow distance movable light” gets higher, overall resolution gets lover and vice versa

2)theres only 1 cascade visible (shadows have the same resolution no matter the camera distance)

Take a look at cascade shadows with mesh distance fields: