Dynamic navmesh generation fails on certain areas in built game

Hello. I have some unpredicted behavior of Navmesh in built game. Navmesh generates completely in “Play standalone” but fails at some areas in built game. On the screenshot below you can see marked areas. The red ones are fails completely. The yellow one works partially within small area. Other parts of the map receives navmesh perfectly. AIs can chase me through all the map except marked areas.



There is a following setup.

  • Map loads on dedicated server and navigation builds dynamically
  • Level consists of persistent level and several sublevels
  • One big navmesh bounds located at persistent level
  • Actual world map located on sublevel which is streamed at runtime with blueprint
  • Each AI character and waypoint has Navigation invoker

Here are are Navmesh configurations:



My actions:

  • Run dedicated server with .bat file
  • Run client as “Play standalone”
  • Everything works perfect


  • Made a shipping build (client and server)
  • Run server
  • Wait for streaming actions done
  • Run client and connect to server
  • Navigation around AIs in marked areas doesn’t generate at all and they just standing but react to player

Attempts to fix issue:

  • Delete and regenerate Recast Navmesh
  • Delete and readd navmesh bounds
  • Rebuild geometry and paths
  • Remove and re-add navigation invokers


  • Issue wasn’t occur before