Dynamic line lights render as point lights when near particle lights

Currently i am working on a scene with a lot of dynamic lights.
In this scene i use light particles to create blinking lights for several objects in the scene.
However i noticed that on the other side of my scene all “line” lights seemed to turn into point lights whenever the particles were emitting light.

Is there a way to fix this problem?

Here is the effect in action:

Hey MissStabby,

Can you provide a setup for the lighting you’re using here with this particle system? I’m not aware of this particular issue and any info to recreate what you’re seeing would be more useful than me using guess work to get your settings.



The scene that involved the bug i can’t upload due to NDA issues, however i can tell it was a scene with a very high amount of dynamic lights with baked lighting switched off.
Later in the project i also noticed the effect happening without the particles being present, with the bug happening based on camera position/angle.
I believe this might have something to do with LODs or max dynamic lights in a scene.

Looks like we already have a ticket in for this one.