Dynamic Lighting with Interior and Exterior (Light Bouncing)

Hi there!

I’m having a lot of problems trying to get a lighting system that will work for our game. I’ve read every relevant article I could find on this topic but can’t seem to find an answer that actually works. What we need is a fully dynamic lighting system that works both for both the interior and exterior of buildings.

I’ve tried LPV, DFAO, all that good stuff. The closest I’ve gotten so far is setting the skylight to stationary with cast shadows on. This allows for rooms that should be dark to actually be dark. However, this then makes the outside of buildings that the sun isn’t hitting be pretty dark as well. I could fix this using GI (or LPV) even though it doesn’t look that great, it still works. But then the real problem is getting the light to actually bounce.

If I have a completely closed off room that’s pitch black and remove a wall of it so it should lighten up, it really doesn’t. The sun shines in but only at that angle; the light won’t ever bounce. I understand this is really easy to do with baking lighting in pre-computed situations, but what about in dynamic situations like this? Thing is I’ve seen it done in other UE4 projects (I’m so jealous) so I know there’s a work around for it.

So, is there any way to get lighting from my movable directional light to actually bounce in real time (dynamically)? Maybe I’m using LPV wrong? I’ve been at this for a good while and can’t seem to get much of anything to work for me. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if you need anything else from me (screenshots, further explanations, ect.) please do not hesitate to ask! Thanks so much!