Dynamic Lighting Problem - light falls through walls

Ok so here is the deal. I have this problem and I created a fast test map to show it.
Basically, I made a room out of 6 boxes. Room is perfectly closed. there is no space between the boxes.
I set up 1 point light and 1 spotlight OUTSIDE the room.
Now get the camera inside the room and you will see, that the light for some reason reaches inside through the walls on the edges of the room.

Here are the screenshots. I’m new to lighting and I have no idea what am I doing wrong.

Are the walls static or dynamic?
Is the light static, stationary or dynamic?
Are you using lightmaps? If so, have you recalculated lightmaps and have you tried increasing lightmap resolution? Are the lightmap UVs of the meshes decent?
Does this happen with an actual, properly modeled box?
Are you using distance field based shadows?
What are the shadow settings for the light?

Lights are dynamic, as said in the very topic title…
Everything else is static. Lights are dynamic so I believe lightmaps are not needed, but anyway these are boxes right our of engine, so I assume they have generated lightmaps all right.

On the second image there is the “Preview” text in the top left corner that’s why I was wondering.
In any case I quickly set up a similar scene and saw no light leaking. Try pasting the following into a new map:
link text

Its all pretty much default settings as far as I remember. (Small yellow U shaped arrows indicate changed properties, if any.)

Your map after pasting seems to be working correctly, is there something you did with the light or is it just plain light taken right out of “Modes” window, pasted into the sceene with increased intensity?

Its weird, after making another map and pasting it again there actually is some bleeding again

Could you create and share an example project which showcases the issue?