Dynamic Light Under the Terrain

Have a terrain with a cave under it.

The dynamic light in my scene is affecting the cave, I want it to be completely dark.

Using LPV, with a skylight and a dynamic directional.

Any ideas?

I have a similar issue in a cave scene. Mine is strictly because of the Skylight. I had no idea the skylight would affect the brightness of the cave so drastically after I already completed post processing for the cave. Is this something that would need to be fixed with a blueprint (i.e. turning the brightness of the skylight down as you enter the cave)?

Add a post process volume to adjust the eye adaptation.

That gets me 90% of the way there, but still not completely black.

It is also a multiplayer environment, so the lighting has to be the same for everyone, I can’t turn things off in a blueprint when players go below the terrain.

I even tried encasing the cave with geo, it is still being lit.

You can put the volume under ground and make the shape fit the area. So every has the same lighting.
Changing the skylight would affect everyone and not recommend.

I do have the volume underground, the screen is black but if you crank your gamma, you can easily see so something is still be rendered.

You want it to be 100 percent dark? Who would crank up your gamma? How do people see in the cave?

So the player will have a light source?

Well my final answer. If you are worried about people cheating in your game turning the gamma up. Use the post processing effects and combine that with a translucent mesh that surrounds the player or you create bounds also from the player so from their viewpoint objects just don’t render. You can’t see what doesn’t exist.

It’s a multiplayer level- you will have a dynamic light source. What I don’t want are some people cranking up the gamma locally and forgoing even needing a light.

Player will have a dynamic light- post processing does make the scene black but gamma adjustment negates it completely.

Did you even read the second part of that answer after the words post processing? Attach a volume bound to the player to cull so they can’t see things or even attach a sphere that completely blocks distant view.

You finish the game and then I’ll make sure you can’t see in the cave.

I did read your whole reply- remember this is a multiplayer environment, how do I remove the sphere if someone else has a light on? How can I detect if a dynamic light would be hitting an area I can see to remove the sphere or volume? That whole solution is real hacky- what if I wanted to have a monster with glowing eyes in the cave, you couldn’t see that either.

Again the only thing I want is pure darkness if there are no dynamic lights present in a multiplayer environment.

How about heavy volumetric fog.