Dynamic door baking lightmap

hi all ! just want to know if some one can teach me how to bake lightmap of a simple door animated set as movable object ! thks

as you can see on my scene light going through the door and it make it unrealistic !
you can check to my lightmass configuration on pic .
thks a lot !


Lightmaps created only for a static meshes and static lights. All other meshes and lights is ignored. For movable objects you need setup a dynamic lighting with Stationary or Movable lights.

ok!!! and what about indirect lighting cache ? is there is a method to partially use gi for dynamic object !

probleme is that there no explaination to set up this !

If I understand correctly, in your scene light enters the room through the open door. If the door is closed, the room is dark, if open, is illuminated. In this case you cannot use GI cache. GI cache is used, if you have a static environment and static light. A cache is applied to dynamic objects that are moving in the scene. Try LPV - Light Propagation Volume. It is fully dynamic system of calculating the GI in real time.

thks! but light propagation V cost too much! i want to deploy my project on mobile devices too ! things i don t understand everything is static in my scene and i use stationary light for all even static light ! there is only just those door that are movable !

(just in case you don t have information about how to set up gi cache ! )
thx to you

an other picture for illustrate my probleme

If you are developing a project for mobile, you need keep in mind - mobile system have a many limitation. And many features, compare to PC, do not work. You can read about this in docs

If you want show off your interior with open and closed door, then you need to create two levels with different state, and build a light on each level.

thks for answer ! yep i have alredy done a test on mobile device with an other project ! i know there is a lot of restriction of level detail that i should do !

you talk about level streaming ?

i think i have found something on blue print component there is two option for the mesh
overiden lightmap res
and an option tickable : "light as if static

i’ll go build light this night i’ ll check if it is working tomorow !

it was that !! thanks for helping !!