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Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of response these past few days

@atarimar 2.6.2 should be available now with 4.16 support

@DrinkThisPotion I have a solution attached. It uses the IsNearMarker function to query if there is a wall marker next to the relative left / right of the marker position. This is done by first moving the marker transform to the left (relative movement) and check if there is a wall marker using the IsNearMarker function. Repeat using the right. I’ve wrapped this in a function so you can reuse it with different combinations

I’ve added the search count and it should be available in the next build

Both the input (marker transform) and search works on marker positions and it won’t work with actor locations (chances are they won’t be spawned yet when this executes). So the offset you apply to your actors in the mesh node won’t be taken into account and you should search for their marker positions instead

Could you give me an example and I’ll have a closer look?

It should work with custom marker emitter scripts. ~200 units seem pretty small (half a tile in the default art assets), unless your modular art is also very small. Maybe you meant 2000?

Hello ali super plugin
By cons I did not used the blueprint by clicking on + selection logics I do not have a window that opens ???
I’m under ue4 15.3
Sorry for the translation I am french

You can do this with spatial constraints (example attached). You might have to rotate your wall by 90 if you use the edge spatial constraint (rotation seems to be wrong)

[MENTION=33476]Aumaan Anubis[/MENTION] I just tested and it works fine on the latest version and 4.16. There is no Spline component in BP_SplinePathBuilder (it is just a BP function library), and hence the error. Could you post the screens of the BP that is trying to access this?

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION]


It’s from the quick start content pack.

You have two options. Use blueprints for your loot actors. They will spawn normally and will not be a part of the instanced geometry

Alternatively, You could use two dungeon actors as a workaround. The first dungeon would build only the instanced geometry. The second will not build any geometry but spawn the power ups as static meshes. You will however need to do some synronization (dungeon actor locations and their configurations should be the same)

Tight packing of rooms without corridors is not supported with the grid layout. Try reducing the room area threshold to get a more tightly packed dungeon with more rooms and lesser corridors

[MENTION=33476]Aumaan Anubis[/MENTION] Thanks for the screens. Could you try deleting the DA_Query_Examples folder and copying it again from the quick start content?

@EyesAndEars I’ll have alook

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION]

Thank you, that fixed it :slight_smile:

btw I’m enjoying this plug-in btw, I’m most looking forward to the completion of floor plan and snap builder.

@AtticusFinch If you want to include DA in your C++ game project, open PROJECT.Build.cs and add “DungeonArchitectRuntime” to the PublicDependencyModuleNames list

// Copyright 1998-2017 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

using UnrealBuildTool;

public class DA416X : ModuleRules
	public DA416X(ReadOnlyTargetRules Target) : base(Target)
		PCHUsage = PCHUsageMode.UseExplicitOrSharedPCHs;

		PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string] { "Core", "CoreUObject", "Engine", "InputCore", "HeadMountedDisplay", **"DungeonArchitectRuntime"** });

@JBernhelm Theming is planned for the snap builder. I’m exploring ways of abstracting the snap module to come from three sources (blueprints, levels and layout blocks). Layout blocks are basic blocks you create in a separate editor and themes can be applied on it. I’ll have more info in the future

Daz, I’ll have a look

@Dammodor Thank you for using DA. 2D is not supported. I did create an experimental Paper2D extension last year. Orthographic views are supported by the engine. You create your 3D dungeons and set the projection in the camera

@TLBainter Thank you :slight_smile: Let us know what you create!

@Dontcry Try dropping in a new dungeon actor as Dungeon B. It looks like you duplicated DungeonB from DungeonA (which made it share the same dungeon id) and is causing this issue. I’ll fix it in the next build

[MENTION=437993]angie ash[/MENTION] Thank you! The method of creating has change slightly since I created the video tutorials. Please follow the User Guide’s Selector / Transform “Rules” section

[MENTION=218253]Jones Mussmann[/MENTION] Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll have a fix ASAP