Dungeon Architect

Dungeon Architect: Build vast procedural levels for your games with a single click



  • Build vast levels procedurally with a single click with various tweakable parameter, either at design time or at runtime.
  • Manually design the layout of your levels for more artistic control with custom editor tools (Paint Brush Tool, Volumes etc) , and have the plugin automatically build the environment around it
  • Define the look and feel of your level using a powerful Graph based Theme Editor. This lets you instruct the plugin on the meshes and actors to populate around the level as it is being built (around walls, floor, doors, stairs etc)
  • Theme files are saved as separate data asset so they can be reused between projects or can be swapped with other theme files to completely change the look
  • Supports multiple themes on the same map. For e.g. Wood based architecture in one area, stone based in a nearby area. Override the theme on any part of your level using a custom volume actor
  • Supports height variations on the level to make them more interesting!
  • Full C++ source code access

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(Also available directly from my website. However I suggest getting it from them marketplace so you can install it from the launcher)

are a few examples of what you can create with Dungeon Architect. These levels are generated procedurally, either at design time or runtime

Deathmatch Demo: This demo uses Dungeon Architect to create random procedural levels when the game starts. You get a different level every time you play. It also showcases multiplayer support, where the server propagates the dungeon “seed” number to all the clients so they all build the exact same dungeon

Frost Forge Demo: The entire level was created with a single click. The demo is available in the quick start guide

Floorplan Demo: DA adapts to various layout strategies. The floorplan builder lets you create building interiors. There is also a lift blueprint in the demo

Check the Quick Start guide for more samples to get you started


Quick Start Guide

User Guide

Video Tutorials



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Wow!! Amazeballs!!! Will this be released at all? I’d love to get hold of this…

Pretty sweet!

Looks promising, would love to see more!

Very cool! Interested in seeing how you can author this when playing with the controls, if you have a feeling of control or complete randomness.

I am interested in this :slight_smile:

Oh wow, this looks amazing. I hope I can throw money at this.

Thanks guys :smiley:

This is looking !

Do you have any plans to extend this to a blended authored / procedural workflow? I’m thinking about how you would integrate this with hero pieces from an artist. So if an environment artist builds a custom room and then wants to integrate it with a section of procedurally generated content from this plugin, can they do that easily?

work . I would be interested in runtime Dungeon Architect’ing with both proc gen and manual editing. On top of that I would like build Dungeons with friends (multiplayer) and save/load our dungeon creations to SaveGame Slots. The Theme system sounds really cool. Is the system adaptable to other Modular Architect sets such as 'Modular Cave System, SE_JonF’s Sci-Fi Halls? If so, you may very well have the most powerful Dungeon Creation system available.

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That’s !!!

This looks very cool!

How complex/rich are the rules? Is it a nested graph, with rules inside of the root nodes like “Wall” and “Ground” in the first picture?

Michael Noland

BrianMay, TechLord, D-Memory, Thanks!

Micheal Nolad, Thanks! :slight_smile: The editor wouldn’t have been possible without your training video Extending the Editor. I found it very useful.
Yes, it’s a nested graph with some root nodes called markers, which are just 3d points in space, that the algorithm lays down all over the map when building the dungeon layout (walls, ground, doors, stairs etc).
Then this graph is used to decide how the meshes are attached to these marker points in 3d space. Users can define their own markers and emit them out of meshes

In the example above, the Wall marker has three variations of wall meshes. One of these meshes has a window. So I’ve created a custom “Window” marker and attached curtains to it and added a “Window Marker Emitter” purple node out of that mesh. So, if that type of mesh is placed in the scene, it would also place a window marker along with it, which would then run the logic defined in Window
You can have a graph of arbitrary depth, as long as there are no cycles

Hi there ,

Very cool & amazing plugin , more Wall , ground object can be added ?
In your graph , can you add more node with control (Example : New node for torchlighs) or it’s need more work ?


Hehe! See how important the tutorials are Epic! There’s no effort going in vain! Guess it’s a little like the butterfly effect

Hot ****! That’s ! :smiley:

This is . Any other features you plan to add?

i’m really interested to get this plugin, it’s possible to remplace all the meshes and texture with my custom ones ?

Oh man that’s -sauce.

Love this! Looking forward to seeing more.