Dungeon Architect

Hey Ali,
This plugin still hasn’t show up in my vault and i replied on sept 18th…is there someone at unreal I can inquiry with instead of bothering you :slight_smile:


Same here, I guess something wasn’t correct about the information I submitted.

Same Here!!!

@BlackCrackerStudios, @Sitrec I just checked you are in the first list I sent to epic. However you both are down in the list. I should have sorted the list based on the time of registration rather than the order ID, sorry my bad

I’ll send a follow up mail to Epic asking the status
[MENTION=153863]Peterson Oliveira[/MENTION] I don’t seen your entry. Could you register again, or PM me your Epic ID and I’ll add it manually before sending out the third list

Oh, no worries then. I’m not in a hurry, just thought that maybe I screwed up my information. Thanks man!

Amazing plugin!

I’ve been working on my own modular room system on and off for the last year, this blows it out of the water and at such a great price!

Keep up the great work!

I see this plugin becoming one of the main staples of UE4 development in the future.

This one is awesome:

However, last time I checked instanced static meshes were not culled per instance, but were culled per entire ISM actor. I don’t know if it’s true for any platform, but it’s certainly the way things are on mobile.

Maybe Hierarchically instanced meshes get culled differently.

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION], any ETA on the next version? We are starting to create our levels using the tool and could really use the fine customisation provided by the marker override volume.

Also, got a small feature request:

Can you add a floor index label to the cells when you enter manual paint mode? it would make painting on the same elevation or paining in different elevations a lot easier, is there a shortcut or trick to snap the paint cursor to the elevation of the cell bellow the cursor?

Thank you @MiDri

@motorsep you are correct. I quickly went through HISM code and it looks like it does cull and this feature would not be needed at all. DA uses HISM for instancing. I’ll check further on different platforms

I tested on mac and just sent a request to Epic to update in the marketplace.

I’ll add the updates to the paint tool in the next update. You can follow along here


If I was too use this for creating a space station would the created layout be able to rotate around a given point i.e. a planet? Or do you know of a way to do this?


Yes, I’m working on a game that has rotating space stations as well and you can do it. The easiest way to do it is to create the dungeon in an external level and load it in via level streaming so that you just rotate the streamed assets for your orbit. Orbits can get pretty complex depending on what you’re doing though, as you need to keep actors synced to what they’re gravitational partner is (actor in space station need to rotate at same rate as station, etc; it gets complex if you’re not rotating the scene around the dungeon.

Having a weird issue with the SnapDungeonBuilder

Modules, Start modules, and End Modules work fine. However; adding branch end modules results in being unable to save the current map (the one with the dungeon in it) with this error:

Can’t save F:/Projects/Unreal/M8/Content/M8/Levels/Ships/Cortex8.umap: Graph is linked to object(s) in external map.
External Object(s):

Try to find the chain of references to that object (may take some time)?

I’ve tried deleting and readding the snapdoor to the specific levels used for the branch end modules, but it does nothing but increase the _# appended to the error message…

Also, would it be possible to have the negative volume work for the SnapDungeonBuilder? I’m trying to build starship interiors with this plugin and it works well, other than the fact that some times halls wrap around the bridge of a ship and put a room infront of the window… which is kinda funny… but not practical.

Sounds perfect Thanks for the input. Might have to get some details of you later.

This is awesome! I just started creating a VERY basic producedural builder the other weekend and after seeing this yesterday I immediately bought this! No point in reinventing the wheel when you’ve already made such an awesome plugin! You’re youtube tutorials are great, though the volume is really low in quite a few of them. Just thought I’d mention that to you. But the tutorials themselves are really great for explaining how to do things and showing what’s possible. I can’t wait to learn more about how to use this plugin.


Not in my library… Could you check please? Thanks.


Hello Ali,

Do you know if it’s possible to access a marker emitter local variable from c++ code ?
EDIT: hmm, this formulation might be misleading, what i mean is “can the emitter BP see a variable from my code ?” (then i could “set” the local BP variable with my code variable in the event graph)

To take a concrete example, in your adjacent cell emitter, you have defined a “distance” variable to fill empty space more or less.

I’d like to drive this variable from my code (and other variables i have created in my own marker emitter BPs).

But the marker emitters are UObjects, so they do not have any access to their ADungeon owner, or UWorld, or the engine, or GameState, or any actor i could use as a proxy.

And as they are declared as a TArray in the ADungeon, creating a class inheriting from your emitter class would be useless as far as i can say (as it wouldn’t be used by your code).

So i’m a bit stuck here, the emitters BP seem to be inside an isolated bubble which i can’t enter.

I have pretty much no experience with BP so maybe i’m missing some big thing.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot
And again, 1000 bravos for DA, a real piece of brillant work, i really hope one day we’ll see Terrain A. and City A. in UE4, you’ll have one enthusiastic customer for both of them !


Hey Ali I’m loving this plugin! I do have a couple questions.

In the tutorials you show that you can easily unconnect a marker and its mesh. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. I didn’t see this explained in any of the documentation. Is there a keyboard shortcut or something that quickly allows you to disconnect the marker and mesh without deleting the mesh?

Is there a way to detect if the marker is a corner of room or hall? That seems like something lots of folks might want to know when customizing their themes.

And again thank you for this great tool!

Hey Ali,

I purchased the ultimate rock pack yesterday and get a crash when trying to use it on an instanced dungeon.

I could use their meshes to paint foliage on a landscape, so those meshes can be instanced in UE4.

Strangely enough, the instanciation works very well in DA preview windows, but crashes in UE4 preview windows (and in game).

Here a short video to show you how it goes.

Thanks !