Drawn bounding box is wrongly orientated

I am spawing a level procedurally at runtime. For that I am using UHierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponents to populate it for performance reasons. I try to check if an objects already exists in the location I want to spawn in by using SweepMultiByChannel at the position with properly rotated bounding box of the mesh.

At least that is what I want to. When checking what my code does with DrawDebugBox I get boxes that are incorrectly rotated for some yaw values:


Green text means correct aligned/rotated box, red means incorrect. I am sorry for the bad lighting in the screenshot.

Following the code that I used to draw the bounding box and check for collision/other meshes:

FCollisionShape shape;
FBoxSphereBounds bounds;
FTransform transform;
StaticMesh->BodySetup->AggGeom.CalcBoxSphereBounds(bounds, transform);
FBox bbox = bounds.GetBox();
FVector boxExtend = bbox.GetExtent();
shape = FCollisionShape::MakeBox(boxExtend);

FVector	tracePos = bounds.Origin;

DrawDebugBox(GetWorld(), tracePos, boxExtend, FQuat(RotationWorld), FColor::White, true);

TArray<FHitResult> OutResults;
const bool hit = GetWorld()->SweepMultiByChannel(OutResults, tracePos, tracePos, FQuat(RotationWorld), ECollisionChannel::ECC_Camera, shape);

I have isolated this code from my spawning system and placed it in BeginPlay() of a StaticMeshActor to be sure the problem is not caused by something else.

What am I doing wrong?