Draw Time high despite a lot of culling

Hi! I’m having a hard time optimizing my game.

I’ve managed to lower GPU and Game times pretty good and I am content with that. However, the one having a really high number (around 20ms) is the Draw Time. My game is very foggy so I actually use a very strict CullDistanceVolume that culls pretty much everything that is farer away than 8000 units (for smaller static meshes even lower). Also, foliage like grass has a max cull distance of 4000 units.

Stat unit gives me the information that around 2000-3000 draws are done.
Stat SceneRendering tells me that InitViews and InitViewsPossiblyAfterPrepass have the highest numbers.
Stat InitViews tells me that Init dynamic shadows is the highest number. Even shadows of the directional light are drawn up to max 5000 units so I am pretty much stuck at this point.

With these informations I thought okay let’s try to turn shadows off, of course I am gaining a lot of frames, but I am still stuck at around 15ms Draw time with NO SHADOWS with only stuff drawn around the player up to max 8000 units.

What can I do to further optimize the Draw Time?

Thank you in advance!

Okay this might be the weirdest answer ever, but I randomly switched the cooking settings to shipping build which brought me around +30 FPS and now it seems to be a GPU Time bottleneck since DLSS gets me around +50 FPS. This is the weirdest behaviour for me but it works I guess… makes optimization harder tho xD

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