Draw/Plot line randomly on a screen infinitely during game play

Hi everyone,

I am wondering that if it is possible for me to draw or plot line randomly “like wave shape” on; for example top left of the screen when a game started?

For example, let’s say the function will plot a point on x = 10, y = 25 “coordinate”. and after one second, the next possible plot could be either +1,+0 or -1 of the previous (let it be 24, thus become x = 10, y = 24) and the previous one will be pushed to the left of the screen (became x = 9, y = 25". and keep going on and on until game is stopped. and if the y coordinate is keep decreasing from time to time, I will see a downhill line like " \ " shown on the screen. So, by the end, i might have something like a sine wave/sound wave graph rendering on screen.

I am new to UE4 and seek for any guideline to make this happen. Is it possible to create such things by blueprint or C++? Also, are there any keywords such as"HUB" for me to search for, so I can try to create or study them?


There is a float histogram rendering available. More Information: FDebugFloatHistory | Unreal Engine Documentation

It looks like this: