Draw Call problem: PostInitViews FlushDel


I have a fairly large open world level that I am trying to optimize. By using “stat unit” I can see that the scene is currently draw thread bound. Using “stat initviews” has shown me that “PostInitViews FlushDel” is taking a whopping 11 ms–totally unacceptable!

Here is a screen shot:

I have been unable to find any documentation or discussion about what “PostInitViews FlushDel” is. My foliage does appear to be the culprit because when I hide all my foliage the problem goes away.

EDIT: Setting “Showflag.Translucency” to 0 causes PostInitViews FlushDel to go down to about 0.3 ms which is great, but after changing my grass and trees to opaque I still get 8 ms from PostInitViews FlushDel.

I’ve taken some frame captures of the scene using renderdoc, and this “PostInitViews FlushDel” magically disappeared. After making some better LODs that are fully opaque and lower poly count, my performance is looking much better.