Download content from Marketplace on Linux

I wanted to download free “Animation Starter Pack”, but found that I can’t do it without UE Lancher. I don’t have it on my laptop with Ubuntu.

Is there a way to download content like assets to UE project without using Launcher?

The short answer to your question is no. We only provide content through the Epic Games Launcher. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Instead of being “sorry for the inconvenience”, how about giving some kind of idea on when we can expect said launcher…

This has been asked for repeatedly… I even had smoke blown up my own posterior when asking the same question. You’ve even removed the launcher from Trello and haven’t given us any kind of update at all. Unlike the editor, the source for the launcher isn’t available, so you can’t even rely on the community to do your jobs for you this time.

Sorry if I sound jaded. I am. I love the work you guys n gals do, but you are the ones that committed to making this happen on Linux. Now it appears you’re doing everything you can to back out of it.

Don’t want to make the launcher for Linux? Fine, but at least allow the Marketplace to be fully accessible from the website (meaning the ability to download content).

I am interested in this as well. I was trying to install the Epic “Content Examples”, which apparently one is supposed to do from the “Learn” tab in the launcher… but there is no learn tab in the launcher.

I concur with Kronykus: standalone website links would be nice to have - no point in making things more platform dependent than they have to be.

I am also having the same issue. How can I install “Content Examples” on my Unreal 4? I also have ubuntu Linux OS

Sweeney recently confirmed that Epic was “not working on a Linux launcher”, as of this time. They are currently focusing on a number of other things, before they re-evaluate this. Those who’d like to chime in on this, as well as read 's post, can head on over to here: Unreal launcher for linux? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Creat a virtual machine with Windows 7, Install the epic launcher and creat a random project, after that download all content do you want and open the projects folder, copy all content do you have downloaded e paste to your project on Linux :wink:

Hi Drigo,
Is it possible that you could download the starter content in the launcher and post it on github so linux users can have this content and not have to run a virtual machine on their personal machines? If they won’t make a launcher for us then I guess we will have to make our own or find a workaround. I thought we were going to be first class citizens for Unreal Engine from now on? This kind of treatment doesn’t really make me feel like a first class citizen.

Ok, I can try. I will keep you informed here

A timeline for this would be much appreciated. It’s not like this is a minor feature but a major component of working with UE4 as an independent developer.

Hi Drigo, I am also waiting for a mirror of the content.

I don’t need the full launcher, but a web “download as package” link in the marketplace would be a godsend.

What a shame, 3 years have passed, and we’re still struggling to get any content to be used on Linux!

I only have Linux on my machine, and I’m moving towards Unity3D now, yes, I believe Unreal Engine 4 is superior and I prefer C++ over C#, but it’s just pain, and it has been increasing that it has become unbearable now, so good luck UE team, your code is great, the community is super cool, and has ported us the tools to Linux, and when a tiny piece of software that could even be written in one day through CEF is neglected, the whole great project crumbles into nothingness.

Wisdom is much sought after these days…

doesn’t work, epic launcher refuses to launch in a VM because of the GPU being unsupported. see Epic Launcher fails to recognize Virtualbox GPU - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

Here is a launcher, I can’t log in, I hope you can.

Ignore all thoose who try think that wine is going to resolve the problem. Native Rules.

Just another Unity nail in unreal’s coffin. Shame, as its the Dev team letting this happen.

Yeah it’s definitely a shame that UE4 has Linux support but it’s very launcher doesn’t

Hello there from 2020
How is the situation today? I don’t see anything available from the box on linux =(

Hi everyone, I ran into this same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - but I’ve figured out a 2020 workaround to successfully install the Epic Games Store. A key reference is here → Reddit - Dive into anything

The basic process is the following:

  1. Install Lutris → Download Lutris (first class support for multiple Linux distros).
  2. Launch Lutris post install, and search for Epic Games Store, and install. There will be prompts for multiple dependencies during the install, and click ok for each prompt. After success install, double click the “Epic Games Store” in the Lutris app window.
  3. Log into the Epic Games Store.
  4. You should now have full access to your library and content (and games too). Click on the “Unreal Engine” at the bottom of the left navigation to launch that section of the Epic Games Store.
  5. On the Navigation click on “Library”, and you should see your entire library assuming you have library content. You will not have any projects in this Lutris context, so you need to create a project. This can only be done by installing the Unreal Engine. To do this click on the “Install Unreal Engine” yellow button in the top right of the window. This ill start the install process.
  6. Complete the install of the Unreal Engine - you can monitor the download progress (about 11GB) in the lower left nav “Downloads” section. Once the install is complete, click the “Launch Unreal Engine” yellow button in the upper left.
  7. When the “Unreal Engine” launches, create a new Blueprints based project (you can select any template, but it can’t be a C++ based project as Lutris default context does not have a C++ compiler installed, nor is Visual Studio installed).
    NOTE: Specify a project location that ideally is located in a proximate file system location as your other Linux based Unreal Projects. Lutris has a file mount “/” which is the root of your Linux file system, and thus you can easily navigate to the location of your native Linux based Unreal Projects.
  8. Create and open the project, and congratulations - you now have an Unreal Project successfully created in Linux that will be recognized in the Epic Games Store application.
  9. You can now click “Add To Project” on any content item in your Library Vault - and add this content to the project you just created. Download as many content items as you wish and or need into your single project. You can think of this project as a Linux bridge to Epic Games Store project.
  10. In your Lutris based Unreal Engine Editor based newly created bridge project, right click on any library folder item in the Content pane and select the “Migrate” option. Select the “Content” folder of your Linux Unreal Engine native project as your migration target. Once the migration is complete, your content item and its related dependencies are now copied and available in your Linux native project, and you’re good to go.
  11. Open your Linux native Unreal Engine Editor and open an existing native project. Once the project opens, in the Content pane, you should now see any and all content items you successfully migrated in the previous step, and you should be good to go!

I hope this helps, and hopefully soon Epic Games will make a Linux native version of the Epic Games Store and or just standard download links on web app - either or would enable full native support Linux Unreal based developers.


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There is this working alternative:
Unofficial UE4 Launcher for Linux (download assets from the marketplace) (GitHub - nmrugg/UE4Launcher: The Unofficial Cross-Platform UE4 Launcher)
I used a google linked account as a signin method (just in case you try something else, this method is working!)

This other is not currently working:

I have already posted this answer in unreal engine forum, but my posts are awaiting approval and I read that may take more than a month! so, as there are many linux users struggling to download even things they bought, and we dont want to have to install windows for nothing, I post here in a hope they reach here in some way, when they google again about it!