Unofficial UE4 Launcher for Linux (download assets from the marketplace)

Hello, everyone.

I started using Unreal Engine recently, and as a Linux user, I was disappointed that there there was no UE4 Launcher for Linux. So, I decided to build my own cross-platform UE4 Launcher.

It’s still an early work in progress, so please be careful with it, and file any issues you have if you try it.

Currently, it supports launching projects and downloading and installing assets from the marketplace.

I hope to continue developing it until it has all of the features of the official launcher.


Oh nice! This should be really useful for linux users :slight_smile:

The UI for your launcher looks great, it feels very close to the look of the Windows Launcher. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this project.

this is very nice, but I had download issues. (timeout)